omnivorous leafroller

PDF document, 936.7 KB

The omnivorous leafroller has recently been detected and confirmed in a greenhouse in Pennsylvania. Your assistance is needed in monitoring for this pest both indoors and outdoors in Pennsylvania.

Conserving Wild Bees in Pennsylvania (Web Version)

PDF document, 3.6 MB

by Tara Pisani Gareau

Best Management Practices for Establishing Pollinator Friendly Landscapes

PDF document, 2.4 MB

Geographic variation in North American gypsy moth cycles: subharmonics, generalist predators, and spatial coupling

PDF document, 1.9 MB

Natural immune boosting in pertussis dynamics and the potential for long-term vaccine failure

PDF document, 950.0 KB


Natural immune boosting in pertussis dynamics and the potential for long-term vaccine failure

PDF document, 627.0 KB

Supporting Information

Generation Separation in Simple Structured Life Cycles: Models and 48 Years of Field Data on a Tea Tortrix Moth

PDF document, 1.0 MB

Appendix A from T. Yamanaka et al., “Generation Separation in Simple Structured Life Cycles: Models and 48 Years of Field Data on a Tea Tortrix Moth”

PDF document, 3.8 MB

Immune Boosting Explains Regime-Shifts in Prevaccine- Era Pertussis Dynamics

PDF document, 1.4 MB

Immune Boosting Explains Regime-Shifts in Prevaccine- Era Pertussis Dynamics - Supplementary Information

PDF document, 1.9 MB

Recurrent Insect Outbreaks Caused by Temperature-Driven Changes in System Stability

PDF document, 1.5 MB

Supplementary Materials for Recurrent Insect Outbreaks Caused by Temperature-Driven Changes in System Stability

PDF document, 1.9 MB

Alate Aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Species Composition and Richness in Northeastern USA Snap Beans and an Update To Historical Lists

PDF document, 144.1 KB

Amanda C. Bachmann, Brian A. Nault and Shelby J. Fleischer. 2014.

Sustainable Management of Insect-Resistant Crops

PDF document, 212.7 KB

Shelby J. Fleischer, William D. Hutchison, and Steven E. Naranjo. 2014.

PDF Version: Seed-Applied Neonicotinoid Insecticides Exacerbate Slug Damage

PDF document, 107.5 KB

Slugs, a challenge for Mid-Atlantic no-till farmers


PDF document, 1.7 MB


PDF document, 530.2 KB


PDF document, 3.8 MB


PDF document, 4.5 MB


PDF document, 682.3 KB


PDF document, 850.1 KB

181DomingueEtAl2014 (SPIE).pdf

PDF document, 509.0 KB


PDF document, 56.2 KB


PDF document, 1.1 MB


PDF document, 349.2 KB


PDF document, 1.0 MB


PDF document, 1.9 MB


PDF document, 493.1 KB


PDF document, 406.5 KB

Center of Competence in Chemical Ecology PDF

PDF document, 6.1 MB

Corn Earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Northeastern Field Corn: Infestation Levels and the Value of Transgenic Hybrids

PDF document, 245.7 KB

Eric Bohnenblust, Jim Breining, Shelby Fleischer, Gregory Roth, And John Tooker. 2013.

Current European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, injury levels in the northeastern United States and the value of Bt field corn

PDF document, 166.8 KB

Eric W Bohnenblust, James A Breining, John A Shaffer, Shelby J Fleischer, Gregory W Roth and John F Tooker. 2013.

The Influence of Diurnal Temperature Variation on Degree-Day Accumulation and Insect Life History

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Shi Chen, Shelby J. Fleischer, Michael C. Saunders, Matthew B. Thomas. 2015.

Volatiles from Intact and Lygus-Damaged Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers. are Highly Attractive to Ovipositing Lygus and its Parasitoid Peristenus relictus Ruthe

PDF document, 511.6 KB

Sean T. Halloran, Kerry E. Mauck, Shelby F. Fleisher & James H. Tumlinson.

Examining Shifts in Carabidae Assemblages Across a Forest–Agriculture Ecotone

PDF document, 355.2 KB

T. W. Leslie, D. J. Biddinger, J. R. Rohr, A. G. Hulting, D. A. Mortensen, And S. J. Fleischer

Bacterial Wilt of Cucurbits: Resurrecting a Classic Pathosystem

PDF document, 4.5 MB


Handheld Lasers Allow Efficient Detection of Fluorescent Marked Organisms in the Field

PDF document, 5.5 MB

Kevin B. Rice1, Shelby J. Fleischer1, Consuelo M. De Moraes, Mark C. Mescher, John F. Tooker, Moshe Gish

COIS Pollinator Health Special Issue 2015

PDF document, 5.7 MB

Granary Weevil Coloring Page

PDF document, 512.4 KB

Download this granary weevil image, print it out and color it in with coloring pencils or crayons. If you'd like to see your coloring image come to life on a mobile device, download the free "Quiver" app from the Google Play store or from iTunes. Next, aim your mobile device camera toward the image and watch your image come to life.

Bloom Chart, top plants Fig. 1.pdf

PDF document, 220.4 KB

Table 3 Cultivar vs species, psu

PDF document, 90.7 KB

Table 4 Coverage and spreading

PDF document, 106.0 KB

Table 5 Top 20 diversity

PDF document, 90.6 KB

Table 6 - Inventory Bees Bugs Blooms

PDF document, 305.8 KB

Tables 1 and 2, top plants- all years

PDF document, 81.9 KB

Handheld Lasers Allow Efficient Detection of Fluorescent Marked Organisms in the Field

PDF document, 5.5 MB

Kevin B. Rice, Shelby J. Fleischer, Consuelo M. De Moraes, Mark C. Mescher, John F. Tooker, Moshe Gish

Sunflower as a Potential Trap Crop of Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in Pepper Fields

PDF document, 380.4 KB


Modeling seasonal migration of fall armyworm moths

PDF document, 4.4 MB

J. K. Westbrook, R. N. Nagoshi, R. L. Meagher, S. J. Fleischer & S. Jairam

2014 Loreto et al disease dynamics

PDF document, 824.9 KB

2014_ de bekker et al species specific brain manipulation

PDF document, 1.4 MB

2014_Quandt et al Nomenclature

PDF document, 719.5 KB

2015 de Bekker et al Gene expression

PDF document, 1.0 MB

2015 Hughes and Salathe

PDF document, 2.1 MB

2015 Martin et al TREE Indoor Biome

PDF document, 770.3 KB

2015_Araujo et al 2015 New Species, Phytotaxa

PDF document, 3.9 MB

2015_Hughes Current Biology dispatch

PDF document, 305.8 KB

2015_Quevillon et al Scientific reports

PDF document, 841.8 KB

2016_Araujo and Hughes

PDF document, 2.8 MB

2016_From so simple a beginning correct proof

PDF document, 2.3 MB

2016_Loreto and Hughes

PDF document, 659.2 KB

On the Origins of Parasite-Extended Phenotypes

PDF document, 230.5 KB

2014 Lachaud etal Psyche editorial

PDF document, 1.1 MB

2014 Smith and Hughes

PDF document, 58.4 KB

2014_de bekker et al Symposium piece

PDF document, 360.3 KB

Nielsen et al 2016 BMSB phenology model

PDF document, 3.6 MB

Anne L. Nielsen, Shi Chen and Shelby J. Fleischer

Seymour et al 2016 Ecology and Evolution

PDF document, 566.4 KB

Mathew Seymour, Omaththage P. Perera, Howard W. Fescemyer, Ryan E. Jackson, Shelby J. Fleischer & Craig A. Abel

Penn State Extension: The Buzz

PDF document, 2.3 MB

September 2016 Newsletter

Susan Kelsey

PDF document, 135.8 KB

Global Biodiversity Program Manager: General Motors

PDF Version: Phorid Flies - the mushroom fly fact sheet

PDF document, 357.8 KB

Insect Family Phoridae - The Mushroom Phorid, Megaselia halterata

Landscape Factors Influencing Stink Bug Injury in Mid-Atlantic Tomato Fields

PDF document, 358.2 KB

Kevin B. Rice, Rachael R. Troyer, Kristal M. Watrous, John F. Tooker, and Shelby J. Fleischer

Julie Todd 2016 CV 12/02/16

Microsoft Word Document, 111.0 KB

187 Neurophysiological mechanisms underlying sex‐ and maturation‐related variation in pheromone responses in honey bees (Apis mellifera)

PDF document, 519.3 KB

Gabriel Villar, Thomas C. Baker, Harland M. Patch, Christina M. Grozinger

188 Detecting emerald ash borers (Agrilus planipennis) using branch traps baited with 3D-printed beetle decoys

PDF document, 929.7 KB

Michael J. Domingue, Drew P. Pulsifer, Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Jennifer Berkebile, Kim C. Steiner, Jonathan P. Lelito, Loyal P. Hall, Thomas C. Baker

189 Isolation of a Female-Emitted Sex Pheromone Component of the Fungus Gnat, Lycoriella ingenua, Attractive to Males

PDF document, 2.5 MB

Stefanos S. Andreadis, Kevin R. Cloonan, Andrew J. Myrick, Haibin Chen & Thomas C. Baker

190 Interaction of Visual and Chemical CUES in Promoting Attraction of Agrilus planipennis

PDF document, 590.6 KB

Michael J. Domingue, Stefanos S. Andreadis, Peter J. Silk, Krista L. Ryall, Thomas C. Baker

191 Attraction of female fungus gnats, Lycoriella ingenua, to mushroom-growing substrates and the green mold Trichoderma aggressivum

PDF document, 386.6 KB

Kevin R. Cloonan, Stefanos S. Andreadis & Thomas C. Baker

192 Differences in spectral selectivity between stages of visually guided mating approaches in a buprestid beetle

PDF document, 494.9 KB

Michael J. Domingue, Jonathan P. Lelito, Andrew J. Myrick, György Csóka, Levente Szöcs, Zoltan Imrei and Thomas C. Baker

193 Host condition effects upon Agrilus planipennis (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) captures on decoy-baited branch traps

PDF document, 870.1 KB

Michael J. Domingue, Jennifer Berkebile, Kim Steiner, Loyal P. Hall, Kevin R. Cloonan, David Lance And Thomas C. Baker

194 Delivering on the Promise of Pheromones

PDF document, 222.1 KB

Thomas C. Baker, Junwei J. Zhu, Jocelyn G. Millar

195 Sensory Aspects of Trail-Following Behaviors in the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis

PDF document, 483.6 KB

Fern Graves, Thomas C. Baker, Aijun Zhang, Melody Keena, Kelli Hoover

196 Optimizing the Point-Source Emission Rates and Geometries of Pheromone Mating Disruption Mega-Dispensers

PDF document, 1.4 MB

T. C. Baker, A. J. Myrick & K. C. Park

197 Attraction, Oviposition and Larval Survival of the Fungus Gnat, Lycoriella ingenua, on Fungal Species Isolated from Adults, Larvae, and Mushroom Compost

PDF document, 1.3 MB

Kevin R. Cloonan, Stefanos S. Andreadis, Haibin Chen, Nina E. Jenkins, Thomas C. Baker

6 Sex Attractant Responses of Male Oriental Fruit Moths to a Range of Component Ratios: Pheromone Polymorphism

PDF document, 231.7 KB


66 Diet related courtship success in the Oriental fruit moth, Grapholita molesta (Tortricidae)

PDF document, 1.1 MB

Christer Lofstedit, Neil Vickers, Wendell Roelofs and Thomas Baker

93 Influence of Pheromone Dose, Trap Height, and Septum Age on Effectiveness of Pheromones for Carpophilus mutilatus and C. hernipterus (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) in a California Date Garden

PDF document, 2.0 MB

Robert J, Bartelt, Richard S, Vetter, Diana G, Carlson, And Thomas C, Baker

95 Pheromone behavioral responses in unusual male European corn borer hybrid progeny not correlated to electrophysiological phenotypes of their pheromone-specific antennal neurons

PDF document, 785.0 KB

A. A. Coss, M. G. Campbella, T. J. Glovera, C. E. Linn, Jr.a, J. L. Todd, T. C. Baker, and W. L. Roelofs

116 Electrophysiologically Andbehaviorally Active Volatiles Of Buffalo Gourd Root Powder For Corn Rootworm Beetles

PDF document, 1022.3 KB


How Neonicotinoids Can Kill Bees

PDF document, 2.4 MB

The Science Behind the Role These Insecticides Play in Harming Bees

Tom Baker CV

PDF document, 316.1 KB

for Website Dec 2016

Fall armyworm-associated gut bacteria modulate plant defense responses

PDF document, 2.6 MB

Flor E. Acevedo, Michelle Peiffer, Ching-Wen Tan, Asher G. Jones, and Kelli Hoover

Genome of the Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), a globally significant invasive species, reveals key functional and evolutionary innovations at the beetle–plant interface

PDF document, 2.9 MB

Gut Microbes Contribute to Nitrogen Provisioning in a Wood-Feeding Cerambycid

PDF document, 384.0 KB


Essential Amino Acid Supplementation by Gut Microbes of a Wood-Feeding Cerambycid

PDF document, 257.2 KB

Paul A. Ayayee, Thomas Larsen, Cristina Rosa, Gary W. Felton, James G. Ferry, and Kelli Hoover

Colorado potato beetle manipulates plant defenses in local and systemic leaves

PDF document, 222.6 KB

Seung ho Chung, Cristina Rosa, Kelli Hoover, Dawn S Luthe, and Gary W Felton

Host plant species determines symbiotic bacterial community mediating suppression of plant defenses

PDF document, 647.6 KB

Seung Ho Chung, Erin D. Scully, Michelle Peiffer, Scott M. Geib, Cristina Rosa, Kelli Hoover & Gary W. Felton

Herbivore Oral Secreted Bacteria Trigger Distinct Defense Responses in Preferred and Non-Preferred Host Plants

PDF document, 2.6 MB

Jie Wang & Seung Ho Chung & Michelle Peiffer & Cristina Rosa & Kelli Hoover & Rensen Zeng & Gary W. Felton

Genome Sequence of Fusarium Isolate MYA-4552 from the Midgut of Anoplophora glabripennis, an Invasive, Wood-Boring Beetle

PDF document, 164.9 KB

Joshua R. Herr, Erin D. Scully, Scott M. Geib, Kelli Hoover, John E. Carlson, David M. Geiserf

Sensory Aspects of Trail-Following Behaviors in the Asian Longhorned Beetle, "Anoplophora glabripennis"

PDF document, 474.0 KB

Fern Graves & Thomas C. Baker & Aijun Zhang & Melody Keena & Kelli Hoover

Sex-Specific Trail Pheromone Mediates Complex Mate Finding Behavior in "Anoplophora glabripennis"

PDF document, 424.8 KB

Kelli Hoover, Melody Keena, Maya Nehme, Shifa Wang, Peter Meng & Aijun Zhang

Long-Term Effects of Imidacloprid on Eastern Hemlock Canopy Arthropod Biodiversity in New England

PDF document, 653.2 KB

Wing Yi Kung, Kelli Hoover, Richard Cowles, and R. Talbot Trotter III

"Scymnus camptodromus" (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Larval Development and Predation of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae)

PDF document, 320.6 KB


Host Range Specificity of "Scymnus camptodromus" (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), A Predator of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae)

PDF document, 208.1 KB

Samita Limbu, Katie Cassidy, Melody Keena, Patrick Tobin and Kelli Hoover

Contrasting diets reveal metabolic plasticity in the tree-killing beetle, "Anoplophora glabripennis" (Cerambycidae: Lamiinae)

PDF document, 2.4 MB

Charles J. Mason, Erin D. Scully, Scott M. Geib & Kelli Hoover

Asian Longhorned Beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), an Introduced Pest of Maple and Other Hardwood Trees in North America and Europe

PDF document, 2.2 MB

P. S. Meng, K. Hoover and M. A. Keena

Effects of Pheromone and Plant Volatile Release Rates and Ratios on Trapping "Anoplophora glabripennis" (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in China

PDF document, 349.2 KB


Development and Evaluation of a Trapping System for "Anoplophora glabripennis" (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in the United States

PDF document, 425.0 KB


Midgut transcriptome profiling of Anoplophora glabripennis, a lignocellulose degrading cerambycid beetle

PDF document, 2.9 MB

Erin D Scully, Kelli Hoover, John E Carlson, Ming Tien and Scott M Geib

Diversity of proteobacterial endosymbionts in hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) from its native and introduced range

PDF document, 2.6 MB

Carol D. von Dohlen, Usha Spaulding, Kathleen Shields, Nathan P. Havill, Cristina Rosa and Kelli Hoover

2016 Newsletter: Center for Pollinator Research

Word 2007 document, 751.8 KB

We have had a very productive and exciting year at the CPR! Please enjoy a copy of our 2016 newsletter, with highlights of the great research, education and extension projects we have led, and the students and postdocs who made this work possible! Special thanks to Katy Evans and Philip Moore for compiling this.

Comparative study of radio-frequency and microwave heating for phytosanitary treatment of wood

PDF document, 3.1 MB

Manoj K. Dubey, John Janowiak, Ron Mack, Peggy Elder & Kelli Hoover

Host Range Specificity of “Scymnus camptodromus” (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), A Predator of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae)

PDF document, 208.1 KB

Samita Limbu, Katie Cassidy, Melody Keena, Patrick Tobin, and Kelli Hoover

Evaluating the Use of Male-Produced Pheromone Components and Plant Volatiles in Two Trap Designs to Monitor “Anoplophora glabripennis”

PDF document, 207.0 KB

M. E. Nehme, M. A. Keena, A. Zhang, T. C. Baker, Z. Xu, And K. Hoover

Fall armyworm migration across the Lesser Antilles and the potential for genetic exchanges between North and South American populations

PDF document, 2.2 MB

Rodney N. Nagoshi, Shelby Fleischer, Robert L. Meagher, Mirian Hay-Roe, Ayub Khan, M. Gabriela Murúa, Pierre Silvie, Clorinda Vergara, John Westbrook

Pennsylvania Pumpkin Pollination

PDF document, 862.0 KB

Integrated Crop Pollination: combining strategies to improve pollination

Penn State Extension: The Buzz

PDF document, 2.4 MB

April 2017 Newsletter

wild pollinators in eastern apple orchards and how to conserve them

PDF document, 1.5 MB

Best Management Practices for Handling Seeds Treated With Neonicotinoid Insecticides

PDF document, 384.6 KB

Approaches and Challenges to Managing Nosema (Microspora: Nosematidae) Parasites in Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Colonies

PDF document, 449.7 KB

Links to Helpful Websites

Word 2007 document, 13.3 KB

Selling Honey in PA rev 7-2017

PDF document, 624.6 KB

Guideline for Honey Processors-FS website 10-2016

PDF document, 771.3 KB

FSMA PC Rule - PDA Fact Sheet 05-2016

PDF document, 877.9 KB

Integrated Crop Pollination for Squashes, Pumpkins and Gourds

PDF document, 12.7 MB

Corrigendum: Coupling Developmental Physiology, Photoperiod, and Temperature to Model Phenology and Dynamics of an Invasive Heteropteran, Halyomorpha halys

PDF document, 490.5 KB

Anne L. Nielsen1, Shi Chen and Shelby J. Fleischer

Agroforestry - Windbreaks

PDF document, 5.2 MB

Agroforestry_Enhancing Nest Sites For Native Bee Crop Pollinators

PDF document, 351.5 KB

Agroforestry_Improving Forage For Native Bee Crop Pollinators

PDF document, 187.4 KB


PDF document, 282.1 KB


PDF document, 709.6 KB

Habitat Management for Pollinators ver15Mar17

PDF document, 943.1 KB


PDF document, 1.8 MB


PDF document, 1.1 MB

Vaudo 2015 Fig 1 final

PDF document, 662.5 KB

Penn State Extension: The Buzz

PDF document, 2.3 MB

November 2017 Newsletter

A multi-disciplinary approach for developing tools to monitor invasive buprestid beetle species

PDF document, 406.5 KB

Domingue, M. J., and Baker, T. C. (2012)

Pheromones of heliothine moths

PDF document, 1.6 MB

Hillier, N. K. and Baker, T. C. (2016)

Moth sex pheromone olfaction: flux and flexibility in the coordinated confluences of visual and olfactory pathways

PDF document, 3.1 MB

Baker, T. C., and Hansson, B. S. (2016)

Odorant receptors and antennal lobe morphology offer a new approach to understanding olfaction in the Asian longhorned beetle

PDF document, 1.3 MB

Mitchell, R. F., Hall, L. P., Reagel, P. f., McKenna, D. D., Baker, T. C., and Hildebrand, J. G.

Insect ID Request Form

PDF document, 172.2 KB

Qualifying Form

PDF document, 53.8 KB

Qualifying Checklist

The First North American Record of the Allium Leafminer

PDF document, 1.6 MB

Lawrence E. Barringer, Shelby J. Fleischer, Dana Roberts, Sven-Erik Spichiger, and Timothy Elkner3

Grozinger CV

PDF document, 535.3 KB


Wyman's of Maine

PDF document, 10.3 MB

2017 Sustainability Report

Native Bees prove their worth

PDF document, 1.9 MB

Story and photos by Jim Hale

Potential biological control of Erwinia tracheiphila by internal alimentary canal interactions in Acalymma vittatum with Pseudomonas fluorescens

PDF document, 808.4 KB

D.C. Roberts, S.J. Fleischer, J.M. Sakamoto and J.L. Rasgon. 2018.

Planting Pollinator Friendly Gardens

PDF document, 487.6 KB

Pollinators and Pollination

PDF document, 8.0 MB

EGSA Grad Student Handbook

PDF document, 686.6 KB

Handbook prepared by students of the Entomological Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

ENT 497

PDF document, 451.9 KB

Pesticide Toxicology

iTOX Lab Seeking MS/PhD students

PDF document, 155.0 KB

A graduate student position is available in Dr. Zhu’s Lab

Julie Todd CV

Microsoft Word Document, 108.0 KB


First Report of the Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle, Microtheca ochroloma Stål, 1860 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), in Pennsylvania

PDF document, 3.7 MB

Michael J. Skvarla and Shelby Fleischer

Summer Research Assistant 2019

Word 2007 document, 3.4 MB

Assist with Insect Population Ecology and Management in Vegetable Crops. Experience includes field research in commercial farms and laboratory tasks.

CPR researchers awarded grants from the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign

PDF document, 257.0 KB

Six new research projects related to honey bee health issues have been funded by a combination of a USDA APHIS grant and donations from Pollinator Partnership’s (P2) generous supporters. Each project will conduct a valuable investigation into an identified priority area that will expound on the issues faced by honey bees in North America.

198 Odorant receptors and antennal lobe morphology offer a new approach to understanding olfaction in the Asian longhorned beetle

PDF document, 1.3 MB

Robert F. Mitchell · Loyal P. Hall · Peter F. Reagel · Duane D. McKenna · Thomas C. Baker · John G. Hildebrand

199 Chopper-modulated gas chromatography electroantennography enabled using high-temperature MEMS flow control device

PDF document, 2.8 MB

Ming-Da Zhou, Muhammad Akbar, Andrew J. Myrick1, Yiqiu Xia1, Waleed J. Khan1, Xiang Gao, Thomas C. Baker and Si-Yang Zheng

200 Increasing Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Gas Chromatography - Electroantennography Using a Deans Switch Effluent Chopper

PDF document, 1.8 MB

Andrew J. Myrick & Thomas C. Baker

201 Olfactory Sensory Neurons of the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis, Specifically Responsive to its two Aggregation-Sex Pheromone Components

PDF document, 1.6 MB

Jianrong Wei, Qiong Zhou, Loyal Hall, Andrew Myrick, Kelli Hoover, Kathleen Shields & Thomas C. Baker

202 Little effect of delayed mating on fecundity or fertility of female fungus gnats Lycoriella ingenua

PDF document, 183.7 KB

Kevin R. Cloonan, Stefanos S. Andreadis and Thomas C. Baker

203 Orientation of flight for physically disturbed spotted lanternflies, Lycorma T delicatula, (Hemiptera, Fulgoridae)

PDF document, 1010.5 KB

Michael J. Domingue⁎, Thomas C. Baker

204 Analysis of Anemotactic Flight Tendencies of the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) during the 2017 Mass Dispersal Flights in Pennsylvania

PDF document, 1.4 MB

Andrew J. Myrick & Thomas C. Baker

205 Activity and distribution of the mushroom phorid fly, Megaselia halterata, in and around commercial mushroom farms

PDF document, 225.5 KB

Maria Mazin, Stefanos S. Andreadis, Nina E. Jenkins, Kevin R. Cloonan, T.C. Baker & Ed G. Rajotte

Baker CV

PDF document, 352.3 KB

March 2019

What’s the Buzz?

PDF document, 3.7 MB

April, 2019

Notes from the Lab: The Latest Bee Science Distilled

PDF document, 2.7 MB

A roadmap for how to minimize pesticide risk to bees by Scott McArt

Examining the nutritional value and effects of different floral resources in pumpkin agroecosystems on Bombus impatiens worker physiology

PDF document, 1.3 MB

Erin D. Treanore, Anthony D. Vaudo, Christina M. Grozinger, Shelby J. Fleischer. Apidologie (2019).

Call for ISCE Presidential Tie & Scarf Design

PDF document, 519.4 KB

Deadline for design submissions: 15 Dec 2019

iTOX Lab Opportunities

PDF document, 231.3 KB

Postdocs, graduates, undergraduates, and high school students are welcome to join the iTOX lab at any time.

Zhu Lab opportunities

PDF document, 226.7 KB

Multigenerational migration of fall armyworm, a pest insect

PDF document, 4.0 MB

J. Westbrook, S. Fleischer, S. Jairam, R. Meagher, and R. Nagoshi

Influence of host plant, geography and pheromone strain on genomic differentiation in sympatric populations of Ostrinia nubilalis

PDF document, 1006.5 KB

Brad S. Coates, Genevieve M. Kozak, Kyung Seok Kim, Jing Sun, Yangzhou Wang, Shelby J. Fleischer

Accessing Dept Pass

Word 2007 document, 118.1 KB

PC and MAC instructions

Monarch Butterflies and You

PDF document, 371.4 KB

By Makaylee Crone and Jon Elmquist

Qualifying Examination Grading Sheet

PDF document, 75.2 KB

Penn State University’s Center for Chemical Ecology presents ICE 20

PDF document, 310.5 KB

Short Course in Insect Chemical Ecology Penn State University, USA, June 1 – June 15, 2020


PDF document, 397.0 KB

Full Professor, Dept. of Entomology, The Pennsylvania State University

Comparing Asian Gypsy Moth [Lymantria dispar asiatica (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) and L. dispar japonica] Trap Data From East Asian Ports With Lab Parameterized Phenology Models: New Tools and Questions

PDF document, 1.9 MB

R. Talbot Trotter III, Samita Limbu, Kelli Hoover, Hannah Nadel, and Melody A. Keena

Labial and maxillary palp recordings of the Asian longhorned beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis, reveal olfactory and hygroreceptive capabilities

PDF document, 14.0 MB

Loyal P. Hall, Fern Graves, Andrew Myrick, Kelli Hoover, Thomas C. Baker

Editorial overview: Insect behavior and parasites: From manipulation to self-medication

PDF document, 300.1 KB

Kelli Hoover

Gut-Associated Bacteria of Helicoverpa zea Indirectly Trigger Plant Defenses in Maize

PDF document, 1005.7 KB

Jie Wang, Mingyu Yang, Yuanyuan Song, Flor E. Acevedo, Kelli Hoover, Rensen Zeng, Gary W. Felton

Potential Impacts of Translocation of Neonicotinoid Insecticides to Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum (Malvales: Malvaceae)) Extrafloral Nectar on Parasitoids

PDF document, 574.4 KB

Asher Jones, Kelli Hoover, Kirsten Pearsons, John Tooker, Gary Felton

Bacterial and Fungal Midgut Community Dynamics and Transfer Between Mother and Brood in the Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), an Invasive Xylophage

PDF document, 3.2 MB

Charles J. Mason, Alexander M. Campbell, Erin D. Scully, Kelli Hoover

Divergent host plant utilization by adults and offspring is related to intra‐plant variation in chemical defences

PDF document, 978.8 KB

Charles Mason, David Long, Richard Lindroth, Kelli Hoover

Plant defenses interact with insect enteric bacteria by initiating a leaky gut syndrome

PDF document, 824.1 KB

Charles J. Mason, Swayamjit Ray, Ikkei Shikano, Michelle Peiffer, Asher G. Jones, Dawn S. Luthe, Kelli Hoover, and Gary W. Felton

Pathogen-Mediated Tritrophic Interactions: Baculovirus-Challenged Caterpillars Induce Higher Plant Defenses than Healthy Caterpillars

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Qinjian Pan, Ikkei Shikano, Kelli Hoover, Tong-Xian Liu, Gary W. Felton

Enterobacter ludwigii, isolated from the gut microbiota of Helicoverpa zea, promotes tomato plant growth and yield without compromising anti-herbivore defenses

PDF document, 1.4 MB

Qinjian Pan1, Ikkei Shikano, Kelli Hoover, Tong‐Xian Liu, Gary W. Felton

A Gene for an Extended Phenotype

PDF document, 88.0 KB

Kelli Hoover, Michael Grove, Matthew Gardner, David P. Hughes, James McNeil, James Slavicek

Jasmonic acid-induced plant defenses delay caterpillar developmental resistance to a baculovirus: Slow-growth, high-mortality hypothesis in plant–insect–pathogen interactions

PDF document, 884.6 KB

Ikkei Shikano, Elizabeth McCarthy, Nancy Hayes-Plazolles, James M. Slavicek, Kelli Hoover

Herbivore-Induced Defenses in Tomato Plants Enhance the Lethality of the Entomopathogenic Bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki

PDF document, 696.9 KB

Ikkei Shikano, Qinjian Pan, Kelli Hoover & Gary W. Felton

Symbiotic polydnavirus of a parasite manipulates caterpillar and plant immunity

PDF document, 960.6 KB

Ching-Wen Tan, Michelle Peiffer, Kelli Hoover, Cristina Rosa, Flor E. Acevedo and Gary W. Felton

Parasitic Wasp Mediates Plant Perception of Insect Herbivores

PDF document, 1.4 MB

Ching-Wen Tan, Michelle Peiffer, Kelli Hoover, Cristina Rosa & Gary W. Felton

Center for Pollinator Research 2019 Newsletter

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Events, Special Announcements, Awards and more

Student Handbook
The Influence of Marking Methods on Mobility, Survivorship, and Field Recovery of Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) Adults and Nymphs

PDF document, 374.2 KB

Kirkpatrick et al 2020 Marking Methods with BMSB

Crop production in the USA is frequently limited by a lack of pollinators

PDF document, 693.5 KB

Reilly et al. 2020 Crop production in the USA is frequently limited by a lack of pollinators PRSB

Insect ID Request form (fillable)

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Insect ID Request form (fillable)

Frosted Elfin

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landowner version-Final

Monarch Butterfly

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Landowner Version-Final

Regal Fritillary

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Landowner Version-Final

Rusty Patched and Yellow Banded Bumble Bees

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Landowner Version-Final

Virtual Graduate Student Recruitment Week Flyer

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PDF version of our advertisement

Sweet Corn Sentinel Monitoring for Lepidopteran Field-Evolved Resistance to Bt Toxins

PDF document, 506.9 KB

G. P. Dively, T. P. Kuhar, S. Taylor, H. B. Doughty, K. Holmstrom, D. Gilrein, B. A. Nault, J. Ingerson-Mahar, J. Whalen, D. Reisig, Daniel L. Frank, S. J. Fleischer, David Owens, C. Welty, F. P. F. Reay-Jones, P. Porter, J. L. Smith, J. Saguez, S. Murray, A. Wallingford, H. Byker, B. Jensen, E. Burkness, W. D. Hutchison and K. A. Hamby.

Managing Allium Leafminer (Diptera: Agromyzidae): An Emerging Pest of Allium Crops in North America.

PDF document, 529.0 KB

Brian A. Nault, Lindsy E. Iglesias, Riley S. Harding, Ethan A. Grundberg, Teresa Rusinek, Tim E. Elkner, Brandon J. Lingbeek, and Shelby J. Fleischer. 2020. Journal of Economic Entomology, 113(5), 2300–2309 doi: 10.1093/jee/toaa128

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2023 Center for Pollinator Research | Bee Championship

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Create your bracket- who is your 2023 Bee of the Year?

What's the Buzz, April, 2023 (W).pdf

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Cities of Goldenrod 2023

PDF document, 2.5 MB

Explore the ecological community created by one of Pennsylvania's most common plants: goldenrod. Penn State scientists will guide children and parents as they capture, observe, and release the herbivores, predators, and pollinators that inhabit goldenrod "cities."