The Department of Entomology is committed to providing students opportunities with an international focus. Students may take courses and conduct research as part of their graduate program or earn international credentials through dual-title degrees.

These opportunities allow students to take courses and conduct research as part of their regular Penn State graduate program. In addition, dual-title graduate degrees are offered to provide international credentials to our students.

Dual Title Offerings

The Department participates in two dual-title programs that provide international education, experience and authentication.


The Comparative and International Education Program offers a dual title through the College of Education. The dual-title degree program is offered through participating graduate programs in the College of Education and, where appropriate, other graduate programs at Penn State. The option enables students from different graduate programs to learn the perspectives, techniques, and methodologies of comparative and international education, while maintaining a close association with their program areas of application.


The College of Agricultural Sciences offers a dual title graduate degree program called International Agriculture and Development (INTAD). The goal of INTAD is to provide a new curriculum at the Master's and Ph.D. levels that complements a student's primary discipline with documented knowledge and experience in their discipline's application to global agriculture and development.