and their specific interests...

Eric Yip, PhD

I am an Assistant Research Professor and am interested in intraspecific cooperation and conflict in both social and sexual contexts. I have previously studied the costs and benefits of group living in spiders, as well as the effects of sexual cannibalism on mate choice. My current research examines sexual behavior in the goldenrod gall fly and how its host plant, a voyeur of fly sex pheromone, influences sexual selection.

Francesca Ferguson

I am a PhD student in the Ecology program and am co-advised by Heather Preisendanz (Ag Bio Engineering). I am interested in understanding the fate and transport of emerging contaminants in aquatic systems and understanding their influence on to benthic macroinvertebrate communities.

Jared Adam

Jared is a second-year master's student working on the front of IPM in agronomic systems.

Robert Witkowski

Robert is a PhD student in the Plant Biology program.

Alexela Hoyt

I am a PhD student in the Entomology program. I am generally interested in plant/insect interaction and am currently trying to understand how early season caterpillar feeding influences the arthropod community on goldenrod. As an undergraduate at UConn, I worked in a caterpillar biology lab and a (mammalian) neuroscience lab.

Adegboyega Fajemisin

Adegboyega is a PhD student in Entomology

Lab Alumni
Tooker Lab summer research assistants

These fine folks have been good enough to help us with our summer research efforts. Some are Penn Staters, other came to us from elsewhere; they are all good people that have our gratitude and appreciation. We hope the enjoyed their time with us and maybe even learned something about insects, agriculture, and ecology.

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