Lab Alumni

Eric earned his PhD from Penn State in May 2014 and started working for the EPA.

I am interested in the relationships between agricultural pests and their arthropod predators as well as insect-plant interactions in sustainable farming systems. My research goals are to assess slug population density and movement which could aid farmers in preventing crop damage. I am also interested in investigating plant defense mechanisms against slugs as well as the ecology of fear in slugs.

Assistant Professor, Dickinson College

Ian earned his PhD from Penn State in August 2015 and started working as a postdoc in the lab Larry Godfrey at UC-Davis.

Assistant Professor of Entomology, Texas A&M

I am a nutritional ecologist who works on generalist herbivores. My research seeks to understand how generalists solve the problem of balancing multiple and changing nutrient needs while dealing with plant defense. I like to use a physiological approach in order to gain insights into mechanisms underlying ecological patterns and processes.

I worked as a Research Technologist with Kevin Rice. Primarily, I assisted on several projects to further our understanding of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug ecology by focusing on its behavior in agricultural systems. I like to run.

I investigate interactions among invasive species, native plants and arthropods. I’m primarily interested in how plant defenses affect invasive herbivore host-plant choice and fitness.

I am currently researching bee and flower interactions and how floral nutrition influences bee foraging behavior.