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Goldenrod can detect a compound produced by gall-inducing flies (Anjel Helms, postdoctoral fellow in entomology)

Penn State News (August, 2017) Plant 'smells' insect foe, initiates defense

Macronutrient ratios in pollen shape bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) foraging strategies and floral preferences (research of current PhD student Anthony Vaudo, who is co-advised by Christina Grozinger)

National Geographic (29 June 2016):
Bumble Bees Pick the Most Nutritional Pollen

The influence of the drift of the herbicide dicamba on beneficial insect populations (research of former PhD student Eric Bohnenblust)

Science Daily (3 Dec 2015):
Dicamba herbicide drift affects non-target plants and pollinators

Adoption of neonicotinoid seed treatments (research of PhD student Maggie Douglas)

Science News (7 April 2015):
Controversial insecticide use rises as farmers douse seeds

Science Daily (Featured research):
Rapid increase in neonicotinoid insecticides driven by seed treatments: Neonicotinoids may harm pollinators

Slugs and neonicotinoids (research of PhD student Maggie Douglas)

Slugs Are Eating America's Farms (online, and in print [issue from 6 Feb 2015])

Pesticide moves up food chain (online, and in print [17 Dec 2014, Issue 516, p. 291)

Vice Media:
Pesticide-Fueled Toxic Slugs Are a Nightmare for Farmers

Science Daily:
Insecticides foster 'toxic' slugs, reduce crop yields

Progressive Farmer:
Rise of a Slimy Thief; Slugs Thrive Among Treated Soybean Seed

Western corn rootworm suspected of being resistant to Bt corn varieties

Farming Magazine:
How to handle Bt-resistant rootworms

Plants detecting the pheromone of their insect herbivores (research of PhD student Anjel Helms)

Science Daily:
Plant sniffs out danger to prepare defenses against pesky insect

Natural History: Put off the Scent (print magazine only; Dec 2012/Jan 2013 issue, p. 6)

National Geographic: On the Scent (print magazine only; August 2013, Vol. 224, Issue 2, p. 24)

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