Posted: February 3, 2020

Short Course in Insect Chemical Ecology Penn State University, USA, June 1 – June 15, 2020

ICE 20 Flyer

Graduate students, post-doctoral and faculty researchers/teachers, as well as other professionals are welcome.

ICE 20 will feature guest lectures by, and discussions with, 15 different internationally recognized experts in insect chemical ecology, including:

  • Clare Casteel, Cornell University
  • Teun Dekker, Sweden SLU Alnarp, Sweden
  • Sharon Hill, Sweden SLU Alnarp, Sweden
  • Rickard Ignell, Sweden SLU Alnarp, Sweden
  • Emmanuelle J.-Joly, INRA France
  • Ian Keesey, MPICE Germany
  • Christer Löfstedt, Univ. Lund Sweden
  • Jocelyn Millar, UC Riverside
  • Cam Oehlschlager, ChemTica Intl. SA Costa Rica
  • John Pickett, Cardiff Univ. Wales
  • Robert Raguso, Cornell University
  • Silke Sachse, MPICE Germany
  • Don Thomson, Pacific Biocontrol Vancouver, WA
  • Ylva Hillbur, SLU Alnarp, Sweden

Fourteen expert faculty members from Penn State's Center for Chemical Ecology will also deliver lectures and be present for discussions with the students.

Penn State Lecturers:
Flor Acevedo, Jared Ali, Etya Amsalem, Tom Baker, Gary Felton, Christina Grozinger, Sara Hermann, Kelli Hoover, Nina Jenkins, Greg Krawczyk, Tanya Renner, Matt Thomas, John Tooker, Jim Tumlinson, Rose Zhu

ICE 20 is a continuation of the highly successful ICE short course series that rotates annually between Penn State, SLU Alnarp, and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany.

There will be a field trip to fruit orchards in southern Pennsylvania to see applied uses of semiochemicals in successful commercial-grower IPM settings. Another day will be devoted to laboratory demonstrations of chemical ecology techniques. In addition there will be an afternoon visit to ConidioTec, a company producing fungal-based products for insect control and an additional afternoon on-campus visit to Penn State's campus-wide microscope facilities supporting chemical ecology research.

June 1st is the student arrival date and hotel check-in. There will be no lectures or events that day. June 15th is the student departure date with again, no lectures or events.

The early registration fee will be $600 US if students register on or before April 15, 2020. After April 15, the registration fee will be $700 US. The registration fee covers enrollment in the course, a day-long field trip to Southern Pennsylvania orchards, the opening mixer and farewell banquet, as well as coffee, tea, and snacks at the coffee breaks. The course will be on a first-come, first-served basis and enrollment will be capped at 50 students. Graduate students will have priority, but post-docs and others will be accepted as well if there is room.