Core Courses

A listing of core courses and information on core course waivers.

Core Courses

ENT 432
Insect Biodiversity and Evolution
4 credits

ENT 518
Insect Natural History
2 Credits

ENT 522 (Spring)
Critical Thinking and Professional Development
6 Credits

ENT 530
Advanced Topics Seminar series
2 Credits/M.S.
4 Credits/Ph.D.

Equivalent Knowledge
BIOL 427 Evolution or equivalent
BIOL 4XX Ecology or equivalent

Teaching Assistant
M.S. students minimum of one course; Ph.D. minimum of two.
Two sections of ENT 313 and a track course comprise one teaching experience.

SARI - Scholastic and Research Integrity

  1. During the first year of enrollment, graduate students will be required to complete an online RCR training program provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). The Office for Research Protections (ORP) will provide the link to this training via the SARI Resource Portal on the ORP website (
  2. Graduate students will also be required to engage in an additional 5 hours of discussion-based RCR education prior to degree completion. These discussions will encompass both universal and discipline-specific material. (ENT 522 Critical Thinking and Professional Development - Offered Spring Semesters will fulfill the requirement.)

Core Course Waivers

For core course waivers, please send an email to about the course you would like to waive and attach the syllabus of an equivalent course you completed. In cases where waivers are granted, doctoral students will be held accountable for the knowledge at the time of the qualifying and comprehensive exams.