Course listings and information

ENT 202 INSECT CONNECTION (3) An introduction to the diversity of insects and the ways in which they interact with humans and impact our world.

ENT 216N - PLAGUES THROUGH THE AGES (3) This interdomain, general education course examines the major plagues of human history from both a scientific and societal lens. The course will be co-taught by instructors with biology and political science backgrounds who will help the students to integrate across those disciplines. Each week during a single lecture, students will learn the etiology, mode of transmission and treatment/control measures of a different disease. In parallel, students will also read popular press articles on how these diseases had particular cultural, economic or political impacts. These readings, in conjunction with guide questions, will prepare students for a weekly discussion during the second lecture run by both instructors. During the course, students will develop their ability to think critically about diseases and society and demonstrate this skill by designing a novel response to an emerging pathogen in a particular cultural context. This course will develop student communication skills, both oral and written.

ENT 222 HONEY BEES AND HUMANS (3) This course explores the unique biology and behavior of bees, examining our relationship with them through time and across cultures.

ENT 313 INTRODUCTION TO ENTOMOLOGY (2) Introduction to basic entomology, covering insect diversity, identification, structure and function, and principles of management.

ENT 314 MANAGEMENT OF INSECT PEST OF ORNAMENTALS (1) Diagnosis and management of insect pests on shrubs and trees in the landscapeor production nursery.

ENT 316 FIELD CROPS ENTOMOLOGY (1) Laboratory-based approach to identification and management of insect pests of agronomic crops.

ENT 317 TURFGRASS INSECT PEST MANAGEMENT (3) Introduction to entomology and management of insect pests of cool- and warm-season turfgrass