Pest Management from an Ecological Framework

This webinar will focus on ecological management of agricultural pests (insects and slugs); and, it will emphasize the importance of pairing soil health practices with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure that gains in soil health are not degraded by unnecessary pesticide use.

Natural Enemies of Crop Pests

An example of a ground beetle (Pterostichus melanarius) preying upon a corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) caterpillar. Watch more videos from our former grad student, Ian Grettenberger, of natural enemies preying on common crop pests.

Using Insect Pheromone Traps

An overview of insect pest and insect pheromone trapping in Pennsylvania with John Tooker, Penn State Entomologist.

John Tooker Soybean Field Pest Walk 

This scouting walk was conducted in soybean fields of Pennsylvania. The objective of this scouting activity was to look for insect pest to determine through Integrated Pest Management if a the application of an insecticide was necessary. During the process, many species of insects, including beneficial organisms, it was determined whether economic thresholds were reached.

Diverse Wheat for Pest and Disease - Penn State Extension 

Dr John Tooker, Penn State Extension is working with growers to investigate whether having multiple cultivars of wheat in a field will help project the crop from insects and diseases and boost yield.