Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center

The Entomology Farm is located at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center in the Rock Springs area, approximately 10 miles west of campus. The Entomology Farm consists of 88 acres of test plots used for a wide range of faculty and student research projects.

The Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center is located in the east wing of the Field Laboratory.  It  consists of three rooms and a work area. The entrance to the Field Lab is from Gate C off Route 45.

Located in the main hall of the Field Lab is the Worker Protection Bulletin Board. Please check this information center before entering any fields on the research farm.

There is a map in the entomology section which displays all entomology research areas. Please check this map before entering any fields on the farm.

Remember that this is a research farm; before doing any collecting, please check with the coordinator of the facility. All problems should be directed to the farm coordinator.

A tool box is located in room 16, and contains all the necessary tools for every-day mechanical repair; a sign-out book is also located in room 16, and all tools leaving the field lab building are to be signed out. The department shares the large shop area with the Department of Plant Pathology, which has many industrial tools available. It is important to check with the plant pathology farm manager or technician before removing any tools, and to use the sign-out book located near the telephones in the shop area. A selection of garden implements is located in the white shed behind the field lab; please sign them out and return them to their proper place when finished.

Room 16 is a large work area which is used by many different people. It is imperative that individuals using the room clean it when finished. A dustpan and brush are located under the sink. Trash cans are to be dumped when full; a trash receptacle (dumpster) is located on the west side of the building near the large garage door. Since the field laboratory doesn't have a cleaning service, it is the responsibility of each person using these facilities to keep them neat.