Teaching Microscopes, Laptops, Computer Projectors and more.

Teaching Microscopes and Other Equipment

The teaching laboratories (102 and 108 Headhouse 3) are equipped with compound and stereo microscopes for use by classes scheduled in these labs. These microscopes are not available for any other activities. Other teaching materials (light traps, glassware, constant temperature cabinets, etc.) in these rooms are also reserved exclusively for teaching use.

Teaching Laptops and Computer Projectors

The department has two laptops and two computer projectors for use by departmental personnel who have teaching responsibilities. If you are a teaching assistant and would like to reserve the equipment for use in a class, contact the receptionist in 501 ASI for scheduling.

Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment

For maintenance or repair of Entomology buildings, contact the Safety and Facilities Coordinator (814) 863-2875; if he is not available and it is an emergency, contact the Administrative Assistant (814) 863-7344 with details of action needed. If repair is for equipment, however, the request must go through your advisor since costs incurred will be charged to his/her budget.