Departmental Facilities

Useful information for our graduate students on using the departmental facilities and equipment

Many departmental facilities are located on the fifth floor of the Agricultural Sciences and Industries (ASI) Building. Facilities include 14 research laboratories, 35 offices and classrooms, and 800 square feet of growth chamber space. Laboratories and offices also are located in the Chemical Ecology Laboratory and the Entomology Ornamentals and Turf Laboratory.


To request a key, email the following to (Backup Contact ):

  1. Name
  2. Penn State ID# (e.g., 1 2345 6789)
  3. Email address
  4. Keys needed

The Access Coordinators will be the only personnel permitted to request keys for faculty, staff, and students. Once a key is requested and approved, an email will be sent to the requester and the Access Coordinator indicating the keys are ready to be picked up. A digital signature will be captured on site when the keys are issued. As a reminder, we no longer charge for Key Deposits or Lost/Stolen keys.


An entomology greenhouse (Greenhouse H) is located behind Headhouse 3. (For more information on Greenhouse H, contact the greenhouse manager, , at 814-867-2965)

There is also a greenhouse located near the Chemical Ecology Lab. This greenhouse does not have a potting area, so please remove all potting/soil material from the floor of each cubicle. (For more information contact the Greenhouse Coordinator, , at 814-863-2875.)

  • Cubicles are assigned to faculty on an individual basis for use in their respective research programs; requests are made through the¬†.
  • A large work area with potting benches is located in the south Headhouse area. All persons using the greenhouse are required to clean it after use, and trash receptacles are to be emptied in the dumpster outside the west entrance.
  • Keep potting/plant material away from floor drains. There is also a root washer located in the back area of Headhouse 3.
  • Waste soil is to be disposed of in the blue soil bins outside the west entrance to the Headhouse.
  • Information for Greenhouse Users

All problems should be directed to the Greenhouse Coordinator, at 814-863-2875.

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