Information on teaching assistantships and apprenticeships

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students are required to serve as a teaching assistant (TA) during their degree program. M.S. students must teach a minimum of one course; Ph.D. students must teach a minimum of two courses. Two sections of ENT 313 core and a track course (ENT 314, 316) comprise one teaching experience. A student supported on Entomology funds may be called upon to meet TA needs if they arise, therefore, a student may be asked to teach more than the minimum. Students enrolled in an interdepartmental graduate program, but holding an entomology departmental assistantship, are also held to this requirement. Students advised by entomology department faculty, but who are receiving degrees in other programs, and are supported by funds other than an entomology departmental assistantship, are exempt from this requirement, although teaching experience is strongly recommended. Students should enroll in ENT 602 (Supervised Experience in College Teaching) for credit while serving as a TA (Teaching Assistant Evaluation Criteria)

Teaching Apprenticeships

In order to better prepare all students who lack a significant teaching background, Ph.D. students are required to serve as a teaching apprentice for at least one semester prior to serving as a teaching assistant. In addition to helping prepare students for teaching, the apprenticeship is designed to aid international students in becoming more acquainted with methodologies and approaches used in our classrooms and student/teacher interactions in this culture. This program seeks to provide students with an opportunity to become more familiar with the course material and methods used in teaching. The student serving as a teaching apprentice will be mentored by the TA/mentor for that course and/or the faculty member in charge of the course. Ultimately, the faculty member in charge of the course is responsible for the apprenticeship and its evaluation.

It is recognized that some students may have teaching experience prior to joining our department. These students will be given the opportunity to bypass the teaching apprenticeship.

Requesting a bypass of the TA-apprenticeship requirement - To bypass this requirement, a student must prepare a written statement documenting past teaching experiences (dates, location, exact courses with description, and role in teaching) and justifying why they are prepared to teach in the department (especially for the courses they have been assigned). Students applying for an apprenticeship requirement bypass are encouraged to include their presentations to students here in the U.S. (e.g., part of speech communication courses, talks to any group, presentations at meetings, and any other contact with students.) They may also want to discuss how prepared they are to develop a syllabus, lesson plan, exam questions, and teaching materials (handouts, web sites, etc). International students should consider discussing how prepared they are to teach in this culture.

The Instruction Committee, Department Head and the student's advisor will review the student's statement. The Instruction Committee will make the final decision on the bypass request.