Ph.D. Residence Requirements

There is no required minimum of credits or semesters of study, but over some twelve-month period during the interval between admission to the Ph.D. program and completion of the Ph.D. program the candidate must spend at least two semesters (summer sessions not included) as a registered full-time student engaged in academic work at the University Park campus. Full-time University employees must be certified by the department as devoting half-time or more to graduate studies and/or thesis research to meet the degree requirements.

Ph.D. Continuous Registration Requirements

After a Ph.D. student has passed the comprehensive examination and has met the two-semester residence requirement, the student must register continuously for each fall and spring semester (beginning with the first semester after both of the above requirements have been met) until the Ph.D. is accepted and approved by the doctoral committee.

  • Students may take 601 plus up to 3 additional credits of course work for audit by paying only the dissertation fee.
  • Students wishing to take up to 3 additional credits of course work for credit, i.e., 590, 602, etc., with 601 may do so by paying the dissertation fee and an additional flat fee.
  • Students wishing to take more than 3 additional credits of course work must register for 600 or 611 (i.e., not for 601, which is full-time thesis preparation).

Note that the least expensive way for a student to work full-time on research and thesis preparation is to register for 601. This is the procedure of choice for international students who need to maintain status as full-time students for visa purposes.

Voucher Specimens

Deposit of suitably curated specimens of insect species on which the student's research was conducted is required. These are to be deposited in the Frost Entomological Museum or other public museum. The voucher depository must be noted in the student's thesis. The Curator should be consulted for instructions.

Exit Interview

The Department Head conducts an exit interview with each graduate student following completion of his/her degree. This exit interview is an excellent opportunity for the student to have input on improving the department's overall graduate program. The student's input during this interview is valuable to us as we strive to be one of the best entomology departments in the nation.