Requirements and Guidelines for the Preparation of Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy signifies high scholastic achievement and demonstrated capability to perform independent research. Five academic years of full time graduate work beyond the bachelor's degree are normally required. Some of this work may be completed off-campus or on a part-time basis. However, between the time of acceptance as a candidate and completing the degree requirements, the student must spend two academic sessions in residence within a twelve-month period.

Students commencing a doctoral program may have a small provisional committee appointed as soon as the advisor is selected. The official doctoral committee is approved by the Department Head and is appointed by the Graduate Dean through the office of Graduate Enrollment Services after the student has passed the qualifying examination. Doctoral committees for students in the entomology program include at least three members from the department, at least one member from a related field, and a total of no fewer than four members; five members are recommended. If the student has a formal minor, a representative of the minor field must be on the committee.

The student and committee should meet early in the degree process to plan the student's Ph.D. program and approve a thesis project. It is possible for a student to change advisors, when appropriate, without prejudice. The doctoral committee guides and monitors the student's progress, administers the comprehensive exam and final oral examination, and evaluates the dissertation.

Degree Requirements

  • The doctoral program in entomology requires that each student have the core courses (or their equivalent). Other course requirements are dependent on the student's program of study.
  • The results of the dissertation research must be presented at a departmental seminar, and the student may register for 1 credit of ENT 590 (Colloquium) that semester.