Requirements and guidelines for the master’s degree in Entomology.

Master of Science (M.S.)

The Master of Science degree in entomology is an intermediate or final degree leading toward development of special knowledge in some field of entomology, and includes research experience. It provides training for prospective doctoral candidates.

Committees for Masters degree candidates should be formed during the student's second semester, and are suggested jointly by the student and advisor, with approval by the Department Head. Masters committees have a minimum of three members. One of these should be from another degree program, particularly if the student plans to minor in that area. If the student is pursuing a dual-title degree, a representative of the dual-title field must be on the committee. Adjunct faculty members cannot constitute a majority of the committee. The student and committee shall meet early in the process to plan the student's program and approve a thesis project.

Once you have established your committee, work with Graduate Program Coordinator to record the committee membership and receive approval from the Department Head. In addition to meeting once a year with your committee, you should also review committee members, if changes need to occur, notify the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Degree Requirements

Policy Statement

  1. A research master’s degree requires at least 30 credits at the 400, 500, 600, or 800 level. In addition:
    1. At least 18 credits in the 500 and 600 series, combined.
    2. At least 6 credits in thesis research (600 or 610).
    3. A minimum of 12 credits in course work (400, 500, and 800 series) must be completed in the major program.
    4. At least 20 credits must be earned at the campus where the program is approved to be offered.
  2. Graduate programs can require additional credits for the degree as approved through the Graduate Council curricular review process.
  3. A culminating experience is required (see GCAC-642 Culminating Experience - Research Master's).

Final Oral Examination

A final oral examination covering the general field of entomology, with emphasis in the student's area of specialization, is required by the department. This is to be administered by the student's committee and must comply with the departmental policy for attendance. A favorable committee vote of a two-thirds majority is necessary for passing.


A thesis equivalent to 6 credits (ENT 600) is required. A doctoral thesis may be submitted and archived either electronically or on paper. The thesis must meet the editorial standards of the Graduate School so that it constitutes a suitable archival document for inclusion in the University Libraries where it will be available for circulation. It is a departmental requirement that the student provide the Department Head a copy of the final bound thesis.

The Thesis Guide can be obtained from the Graduate School Office of Theses and Publications, 211 Kern Building, and is also available electronically. For more information on electronic theses and dissertations, visit their website.