Agriculture Science and Industries Building (ASI)

Agriculture Science and Industries Building (ASI)

Many departmental facilities are located on the fifth floor of the Agricultural Sciences and Industries (ASI) Building. Facilities include 14 research laboratories, 35 offices and classrooms, and 800 square feet of growth chamber space. Laboratories and offices also are located in the Chemical Ecology Laboratory and the Entomology Ornamentals and Turf Laboratory.

The museum houses the insect and related arthropod collections of The Pennsylvania State University and serves a valuable educational function by making insect biodiversity accessible to the general public through displays for the casual visitor and educational visits for school groups and other interested organizations.

The Chemical Ecology Lab is located on Orchard Road near the main campus. Four faculty members have offices and labs at this location along with several postdocs and graduate students. A new greenhouse facility was recently added to the lab, providing space for research projects in a high-tech, state-of-the-art greenhouse environment. Additional greenhouse facilities and the Gypsy Moth Research Center are also located in this area.