Exhibits Currently on Display

The Frost Entomological Museum offers opportunities to explore the diversity of insects, how they impact our lives, and how Penn State researchers are working to understand these impacts. Exhibits showcase specimens, entomological gear, historical artifacts, and photos.

History of the Frost Entomological Museum

Learn about the founding of the museum and its advancement through the years, including the growth of the collection and important contributions made by curators and museum affiliates.

Collecting Arthropods

This display showcases the tools entomologists use to collect insects in different habitats and explains why we collect insects and related arthropods.

Preparing Specimens

Learn why and how specimens are prepared for long-term preservation, and what is required to ensure they remain scientifically useful for decades (or even centuries!)

Insects of Pennsylvania

An array of 16 boxes that highlight the vast diversity of insects that live in the Commonwealth. Natural history notes are listed for 100 species.

The Incredible Diversity of Insects

This exhibit features some of our most compelling specimens, with insects of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Biological context is provided for many of these incredible traits.

Spotted Lanternfly

What is a “biological invasion”? Learn about the recently introduced insect called the spotted lanternfly. Find out how it was introduced, why it’s a threat, and what’s being done to control the insect.

Honey Bees

Explore aspects of honey bee biology and behavior, plus showcased tools used in beekeeping, such as a Langstroth hive, smokers, and brushes. Try on a bee suit!


A surprising diversity of insects are responsible for pollination of plants. This exhibit highlights these pollinators and shares some of our favorite pollination facts.

Wasp Galls Inside and Out

Have you ever seen an unusual growth on a plant? Chances are it was a gall. This exhibit illustrates and describes the biology of Cynipidae, a family of wasps that is responsible for galls on many kinds of plants.

Meet a Penn State Entomologist

Who are the entomologists at Penn State? What is their research focus, and why does it matter? Check out our regularly rotating entomologist highlights.