Below is a listing of Penn State Department of Entomology alumni with title and employment locations. We attempt to maintain current information and would appreciate any additions and corrections that alumni can provide.

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Dr. Abdalla Abedlmonem
Department of Plant Protection
Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Lana Adams
Human Resource Director
PA Department of Agriculture

Dr. Peter Adler
Department of Entomology
Clemson University, South Carolina

Dr. Sate Al Abbasi
Department of Ecology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Uppsala, Sweden

Elham Al-Azawi
Department of Plant Protection
University of Basrah, Iraq

Dr. Adnan Y. AL-Rubae
Professor Department of Applied Biology
Faculty of Science and Arts
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Irbid, Jordan

Scott Anderson
Valent USA Corporation

Dr. Masood Arjmand
Scientist and owner of Desert Rug Co.
State College, PA

Dr. Mark Ascerno
Department of Entomology
University of Minnesota

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Paul Baker
Pesticide Coordinator
University of Arizona

Dr. Norman Barr
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
United States Department of Agriculture

Dr. Douglas Baugher
EXP, Inc.

William Beck
Dominion Biosciences
Virginia Tech Corporation Center
Blacksburg, VA

Dr. Elizabeth Beers
Professor of Entomology
Tree Fruit Research Center
Washington State University

Ben Belda
Sr. Research Technologist
Dept. of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Penn State University

Dr. David Bell
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
St. Vincent's College

Dr. Thomas Bennett, Chairperson
Department of Biology
Bellarmine University

Dr. Charlie Bi
Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics
School of Medicine
University of Missouri

Dr. David Biddinger
Sr. Project Associate
Department of Entomology
Penn State

Dr. Paul Blom
USDA/ARS Horticultural Crops Research Unit
Prosser, WA

Lisa Bortolotta-Danko
Erie County Field Research Lab

Glenn Bower
Science teacher

Dr. James Brady
Novartis Crop Protection

Dr. Michelle Briggs
Associate Professor of Biology
Lycoming College

Dr. Elizabeth Brown
Global Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dr. Mark Brown
Research Entomologist
Appalachian Fruit Research Station

Dr. Jonathan Bryant
Technical Representative
Sandoz Crop Protection

Dr. Robert Buly
New York

Dr. Gregory Burg
Department of Entomology
University of Kentucky

Marion Burgwin
Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Dr. Robert Byers, Retired
Research Scientist, U.S. Regional Pasture Lab, State College, PA
Adjunct Professor, Penn State University
Secretary-Treasurer, Friends of The Frost (Penn State Entomological Museum)

Dr. Loren Byrne
Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Roger Williams University

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Dr. Ed Carlini
Research Fellow
Merck and Co.
Department of Drug Metabolism

Dr. Hong Chen
Postdoctoral Research Associate
College of Health Sciences
University of California - Irvine

Dr. Jyh-Chink Chou
Postdoctoral Fellow
Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Texas A&M University

Dr. T. Ming Chu
Professor & Department Chair
Diagnostic & Immunological Research
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Tim Ciarlo
EPA entomologist
Office of Pesticide Programs
Arlington, VA

Dr. Donald Cipollini, Jr.
Professor - Plant Physiology/Chemical Ecology
Department of Biological Sciences
Associate Director Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program
Wright State University

J. Andrew Cloud, MBA
MS Penn State
Banker/Investment Specialist
PNC Bank
New Jersey

Charles Cowher
Landscape Contractor
Cowhers Exterior Design

Dr. David Cox
Product Evaluation For Lawn And Garden

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Dr. Jennifer Dean
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Penn State
Departmentof Entomology

Dr. Gloria Degrandi-Hoffman
Carl Hayden Bee Research Center

Dr. Casey Delphia

Dr. David Denlinger
(Elected to National Academy of Sciences in April 2004)
Professor & Chair
Department of Entomology
Ohio State University

Dr. Romeo L. Dizon
Regional Sales Director, Asia
Velsicol Chemical Corporation, Philippines Chapter

Dr. Oscar Dominguez-Gil
Universidad del Zulia

Christopher Donaghy
Residex, LLC
New Jersey

Dr. James Dripps
Research Leader
Dow AgroSciences
Indianapolis, IN

Dr. R. Dumbre
Assistant Professor
Entomology Department
Dapoli, Maharashtra State

Dr. Daniel Dunmore
Keystone Veterinary Pathology

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Emmett Easton
Professor of Entomology, South Dakota State University
1996 University of Macau via Hong Kong
Retired to Kaneohe, HI.
Donated Private Insect Collection to Frost Entomological Museum in 2004

Jay Ellenberger
Deputy Director - Special
Review & Reregistration
Pesticide Programs

Christa Ellers-Kirk

Dr. Katie Ellis
Suterra LLC
Technical Support Manager

Dr. Nicolas Ellis
Norden Agricultural LLC.
Owner/Crop Consultant

Dr. Erwin Elsner
Extension Ag Agent
Michigan State University

Dr. Daniel Emmen
Department of Zoology
University of Panama

William Ettinger
Aquatic Biologist
Normandeau Associates, Inc.

Bassey Eyo
Director Science Program, Biology Department
Claflin College

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Dr. Michael Fall
Chief, Mammal Research, Fort Collins, CO

Jamie Fenimore
Research Technician
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Dr. Matthew Ferrari
Assistant Professor of Biology
Penn State University

Dr. Francisco Ferrer
Urbanizacion del Este

Dr. John Finkbohner
Director, Regulatory Affairs/Vaccines
MedImmune, Inc.

Jennifer Finley
Research Technician & EMS Coordinator
USDA-ARS Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
Tucson, AZ

Dr. Paul Flinn
Research Biologist
Manhattan, Kansas

Ted Floyd
Director of Research
Great Basin Bird Observatory
Reno, NV

Steve Frantz
Vector Control, New York State Department of Health
Albany, NY

Maryann Frazier
Senior Research Associate
Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Robert Fusco
Eastern Regional Manager
Abbott Labs

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Dr. Harry Gahagan

Farming in Pennsylvania

Dely, Gasapin
WB Consultant and former Delcfar Diector

Noemi Gerstl Charnow , M.D.
Resident at NY Children's Hospital

John Gecan
Assistant Branch Chief
USFDA-Div. of Microbiology

Dr. Scott Geib
Research Entomologist
USDA-ARS Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center

Jeff Gilbert
Pest Control Technology (PSU Winter Course Program)
owner of Gilbert's Professional Pest, Carl

Michael Goodrich
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Eastern Illinois University

William Gotwald, Jr.
Professor of Biology Emeritus
Utica College of Syracuse

Lee Gouty
Pest Control Specialist
J.C. Ehrlich Co.
2008 PCT Residential Technician of the Year

Dr. Rick Grazzini
Adjunct Professor &
Garden Genetics LLC
State College

Mark Gronceski
Wetlands Biologist

Michael Grove
Sr. Research Technologist
Entomology Department
Penn State University

Miles Guralnick
President, Vespa Labs, Inc.
President, Biopol Laboratory, Inc.

Thomas Gurecki
Restek Corporation

Howard Guscar
Research Biologist
FMC Corporation

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Dr. Tanos Hage
Post Doc
University of Kentucky

Dr. Brian E. Hagenbuch
Director of the Pine Lake Institute for
Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Hartwick College

Christopher Halliday
PCO Entomologist
Walt Disney World

Dr. Ho-Yeon Han
Assistant Professor
Yonsei University, Korea

Chris Harding
Department of Navy

Dr. Thomas Henry
Research Entomologist
Systematic Entomology Lab

Steven M. Hoffman
Co-founder of LOHAS Journal and the annual LOHAS
Co-founder in 2002 of Compass Natural Marketing Service, Boulder CO; natural, organic, sustainable products; 30 years of experience in marketing natural foods.

Dr. Charles Holberg
Deputy Director
Office of Drug Evaluation, FDA

Dr. Ben Hollister
Post Doc
USDA/ARS, Maryland

Rickalon Hoopes
Supervisor, Warm Water Fishery
PA Fish & Boat Commission

Dr. Lawrence J. Hribar
Senior Entomologist
Florida Keys Mosquito Control District

Dr. Mark Hutton
Vegetable Specialist
University of Maine
Cooperative Extension

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Yusof Ibraham
University of Agriculture

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Dr. Randa Jabbour
Assistant Professor of Agroecology
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Wyoming

Steve Jacobs
Sr. Extension Associate
Penn State University

Dr. Richard K. Jansson
Vice President
Genmab A/S

Gary Jones
PA Dept. of Environmental Resources

Dr. Stan Jones
Research Entomologist

Neelendra Joshi
Assistant Professor of Entomology

James Jumper
Property Management Inc.

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Dr. William Kanour, Jr.
Sr. Entomologist
State of Hawaii Department of Health,
Vector Control Branch

Dr. Theodore Kantner
Milton Hershey Medical Center

Dr. Abid Kazi
Penn State University
Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Physiology
College of Medicine, Hershey Medical Centre, Hershey PA

Dr. Steven Keating
Dept of Biology
Penn State University

Augustus Kesselly
Research Assistant II
Microbiology and Mol. Genetics
Harvard Medical School

Curtis Kiger
Lab Technician
EI DuPont

Dr. Jae Hak Kim
Analytical Biochemist

John E. Kinsella
Professor & Dean, College of Ag & Environmental Sciences
U.C. Davis

Dr. Karl Kleiner
Assistant Professor of Biology
York College of PA

Bailey Klinestiver
Science Teacher

Barry Knisley

Randolph-Macon College

Cheryl Krasowski

Assistant Professor of Biology
West Chester University

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Amy Lake
Student in College of Veterinary Medicine

Robert Lange
Sugartown Farming Co., Inc.

Adrian Leary
Biologist / Project Manager
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Philadelphia District

Dr John Lelito
Facility Manager
USDA-APHIS-PPQ Biocontrol Rearing Facility

Dr. Seong-Gyu Lee
Postdoctoral Scholar
University of Utah - Biology Dept.

Dr. Jonathan Lelito
Facility Manager - USDA APHIS PPQ
Emerald Ash Borer Biological Control Laboratory

Dr. Lisa A. Lemke
Assoc. Professor of Anatomy & Physiology/Biology
Owner of SilverLining Books
Essex County College
New Jersey

Dr. Tracy Leskey
Appalachian Fruit Research Station
West Virginia

Dr. Tim Leslie
Assistant Professor of Biology
Long Island University of Brooklyn, Department of Biology

Doug Lewis
Teaching Faculty
Air Force Academy

Dr. Chao Yang Li
Postdoctoral Scholar
Case Western School of Medicine
Genetics Department

Dr. Jinfang Li
Postdoctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins University-School Public Health
Molecular & Microbiological Immunology,
Malaria Research Institution

Dr. Xinyi Li
Research Associate
Case Western Reserve University

Feng Liu
Research Assistant
Dept. of Neuroscience
Baylor University

Dr. John Losey
Assistant Professor
Cornell University

Dr. Naomi Lovallo
Technical Writer
Restek Inc.

Dr. Lane Loya
Assistant Professor of Biology
St. Francis University of Pennsylvania

Dr. James Luke

Fruit Specialist
New York

Thomas Lupp
MD Dept. of Agriculture

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Dr. Timothy Mack

Dean of Graduate School
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Priscilla MacLean
Product Development Manager
Hercon Environmental

Daniel Malone
Owner Stomp-EM Pest Control
Sunrise, FL

Carolyn Marks
Director of Biological Imaging
University of Richmond
Biology Department

Carlye Mascorro
High School Science Teacher
Baltimore School District

Nate McCartney
Research Technician
Penn State University
Entomology Department

Dr. Jim McNeil
Assistant Professor
George Mason University of Conservation Studies and Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation

Dr. R.L. Meagher, Jr.
Research Entomologist

Bruce Mertz
Education Program Specialist

Carol Jean Metzgar
Merck Research Labs

Dr. Clayton Meyers
US Environmental Protection Agency
Insecticide Branch of OPP's Registration Division

Dr. David Midgarden
USDA-APHIS-International Services
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Dr. James Miller
Dean, Dept. of Entomology
Michigan State University

John Miller
Sales Representative/Territory Manager
ELF Atochem NA

Karl Miller
University of Georgia

Dr. G. Mogal
Assoc. Professor Entomology
Maharashtra State Univ., India

Jose Morales
Professor Agregado

Dr. Patrick Moran
Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research
Research Entomologist
United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service
Albany, CA

Tim Morton
Lake Forest College

Shawn Mullen
Area Rep/Consultant
Western Services

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Leo Newcomer
Sr. Manager, Analytical Res.
Hershey Foods Corporation

Dr. Alexander Newhart
Boehringer-Mannheim Biochem

Tracy Newton
Science Teacher
Bangor Middle School

Dr. Al Norrbom
Systematic Entomology Lab

Dr. Hipolito O'Farrill-Nieves
Pesticide Coordinator (Retired 2013)
University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

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Dr. Colin Orians
Professor, Department of Biology
Tufts University

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Marc Pacchioli
Field Investigator
Crop Mgmt. Strategies, Inc.

Mandy Pajerski
Harvard Medical School

Yvan Pelletier

Agricultural Canada

Jill Cromp Pestka
iOS Developer / Graphic Artist
Orlando, FL

Dr. Frederick L. Petitt
Director of Science

John Plummer

Dr. Ruth Plymale
Assistant Professor
Ouachita Baptist University

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Dr. Mark Quinn
Assistant Scientist
Washington State University

Eric Quinter
Curatorial Assistant
American Museum of Natural History

Dr. Dora Quiros
Professor of Entomology/Biology
University of Panama

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Dean Radebaugh
Supervisor Lawn & Garden Center
Busy Beaver Building Center

Dr. S.G. Radke
Punjabrao Agric. University

Daniel Ramsdell
Crop Mgmt. Strategies Inc.

Dr. Chris Ranger

Research Entomologist
USDA-ARS Horticultural Insects Lab
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ohio State University

Dr. Kamal Rashid
Director, Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center
Research Professor, Department of Biology/Biotechnology
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts

Herbert Reed
Entomology Department
University of Maryland

Dr. Brian Rehill
Assistant Professor
Chemistry Department
U.S. Naval Academy

Dr. Julie Reynolds
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Entomology
Ohio State University

Dr. Danny Rinker
Associate Professor, Mushrooms
University of Guelph
Vineland Station, Ontario

Dr. Rita Rio (M.S. PSU)
Assistant Professor
West Virginia University, Department of Biology

Mark Ritter
Exec. Director
Key Service Systems, Inc.

Dr. Shawn Robertson
Risk Analyst

Dr. Carlos Rosario
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Ecosan Environmental Services, Puerto Rico

Dr. Justin Runyon
USFS - Montana

Dr. Donald Rutz
Professor & Chair
Vet Entomology
Cornell University

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Caydee Savinelli
Pollinator and IPM Stewardship Lead

Dr. Toni Schaeffer
Pharmacology Graduate Student
Albany College of Pharmacy

Ezra Schwartzberg
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Entomology, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Carrie Schwarz
Instructor of Biology
Western Washington University

Dr. Dietmar Schwarz
Assistant Professor of Biology
Western Washington University

Dr. Irmgard Seidl-Adams
Research Associate
Penn State, Entomology Department

James Sency
Registered Nurse - ER
Hazleton General Hospital

Bryan Severyn
Sr. Research Technologist
Penn State University

Dr. Miaoqing Shen
Sr. Scientist
Q Squared Solutions
Ithaca, NY

Dr. David Shetlar
Professor of Urban Landscape Entomology
Ohio State University

Shannon Sked
Operations Manager & Owner
AgServe Land Management

Dr. Blair Siegfried
Professor of Entomology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Themba Simelane
Dept. of Water Affairs & Forestry
Republic of South Africa

Joe Slusark
Aquatic Entomologist
California Fish & Game
Aquatic Bioassessment Lab

Dr. Cecil Smith
University of Georgia

W. Alan Snook II
Central Penn Sales

Steve Spangler

Edwin Spittler, Jr.
Sundahl & Co., Inc.

Dr. Richard Sprenkel
Professor emeritus, pest management
University of Florida
IFAS, North Florida REC, Quincy, Florida

Van Starner
Sr. Research Scientiest/
ManagerBiopesticides - IR4 Project

Annie Steed
Agriculture Team Leader, Economic Growth Office

Dr. Jessica Stehr
Director, Program Management Office
Merck & Co., Inc.

Dr. Colin Stewart
Assistant Extension Professor
University of Maine

Grant Stiles
New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture

John Stivers
Department of State
Washington, DC

Shengzhong Su
Ph.D. Program
Penn State IBIOS Molecular Toxicology Program

Seliah Sundaralingam

Quality Control Officer
Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
Fruit Fly Production Facility

Patricia Swineford
Biology teacher
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Schnecksville, PA

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Dr. Steven Tessler

Ecologist / Data Manager
Northeast Science Data Coordinator
U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Hariram Thakare
Assoc. Professor Entomology
Tanjabro Agr. Univ., India

Cathy Thomas
Sr. Extension Assoc.
PA Department of Agriculture

Dr. Michael Thomas
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Idaho State University

Donglan Tian
Senior Scientist
Bayer CropScience LP
West Sacromento, CA

Tim Tomon
DuBois, PA

Dr. Mark Ticehurst
Biobase Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Patrick Tobin
Assistant Professor
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington

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Dr. Remo Vallejo
Thaco Corporation

Dr. Anthony Verlangieri
University of Mississippi

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Vaughn Wagner
Principal Toxicologist, Enviroair Consultants Inc.
Associate Professor, Emeritus
Environmental Health Science
Salisbury University

Dr. Donald Walters
DeKalb Plant Genetics

Michael Waldvogel
North Carolina State University

Fred Walters
Asst. Professor of Biology
Thomas Jefferson University

Anne Walton
Postdoctoral Scholar
Fralin Biotechnology Center
Virginia Tech

Robinne Weiss
Owner/Operator - The Bugmobile
Leeston, New Zealand

Dr. Mark Whalon
Professor of Entomology
Michigan State University
Center Of Integrated Plant Systems

Timothy White
CMS, Inc.

Megan Wilkerson
Chief, Pesticide Branch
Toxic Substances Division
Department of Energy and Environment

Michael Williams

Robert (RP) Withington
Research Assistant

Dr. Sarah-Melissa Witiak
Sr. Research Technologist
Penn State University
Plant Pathology

Dr. Sujit Witkonton
University of Florida

Dr. John Wollam
Manager, Regional Development
Bayer Corp.

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Dr. Xiaolong Yang
Sr. Lecturer
Director of MPS Program
Department of Statistics and Data Science
Cornell University

William Yost
Merck & Co.

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Dr. Sohair Zaky
Assoc. Professor in Economic Ent.
Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Faruque Zaman
Association Entomologist
Cornell University

Dr. Andrew Zettle
Huddleston, Bolen, Beatty, Porter
and Copen Attorneys

Joe Zurovchak

Nelson Laboratory

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Department of Entomology


501 ASI Building
University Park, PA 16802