Outreach and Education

The Department of Entomology has numerous resources to assist homeowners and professionals to identify and understand the nature of insects and to find safe, effective, economical, and sustainable solutions to their pest problems.

Ian's ButterflyInsect Images and Identification
Image collections and resources to help you identify and learn more about insects

Biological Control
Information and tutorials to assist with the practice of biological control and integrated pest management

Penn State Pesticide Education Program

The Pesticide Education Program strives to educate all pesticide applicators and users across the Commonwealth about pest management alternatives, including the safe, proper, and legal use of pesticides. The program promotes responsible decision making, which will protect pesticide users, public health, plant and animal health, and the environment.

Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

This Penn State program promotes unbiased scientific inquiry, collaborative discussion, cooperative program development, and informed public engagement to support diverse pathways toward more sustainable agricultural and food systems.

Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management
PA IPM is a collaboration between the PA Dept of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences. The mission of this program is to promote effective pest management that results in the efficient protection of our food, fiber, health, home and industrial resources in a manner that is profitable, safe and environmentally compatible.

Kid's Corner

GIF floorThe Great Insect Fair
The Great Insect Fair is our annual extravaganza celebrating insect with lots of activities, games, crafts, tasty treats and fun for everyone!

The Frost Entomological Museum
The museum houses the insect and related arthropod collections of The Pennsylvania State University and serves a valuable educational function by making insect biodiversity accessible to the general public through displays for the casual visitor and educational visits for school groups and other interested organizations. 

Bug Camp for Kids
Bug Camp for Kids is an educational day camp for eight- to eleven-year-olds. Taught by faculty, staff, and graduate students from the Department of Entomology, the camp offers opportunities for students to observe and collect insects and participate in laboratory exercises to learn a broad range of biological, ecological, and environmental topics. 

Advanced Bug Camp for Kids
This camp, for ten to fourteen-year-olds, is designed to help kids understand the scientific method and its strengths and limitations. Campers will visit different labs to observe research using insects and conduct experiments of their own.

Cool Sites for Kids
A list of online resources to lead kids into the world of insects!