Current Departmental Policies

Purchasing of Supplies

  • Please see your advisor regarding any need for purchases. After receiving approval, please consult the Bookkeeper for the appropriate method of purchase.
  • After the purchase has been made, all receipts must be immediately given to the Bookkeeper.
  • Any purchase made with the Penn State Purchasing Card (Visa) must have a Purchasing Card Receipt Form filled out with the priced receipt attached.
  • These forms can be obtained from the upper shelf of the work table in the departmental mail room (502 ASI).
  • Please complete one form per transaction for any item(s) you have purchased and turn it in to the Bookkeeper immediately.

On-the-Job Injury

  • In case of on-the-job injury, see the Administrative Assistant to initiate submission of an Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Disease Form. This electronic form is used to report on-the-job injuries to the University’s Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Carrier and the Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation, if applicable.
  • This form should be completed no matter how small the injury.
  • It is important that the injured person also contact the university’s Occupational Health Physician located in Ritenour Health Center. More information about Workers Compensation can be found at Penn State’s Human Resources Web site.

Reservation of Entomology Conference Rooms for University Activities

Reservations are made through the receptionist for departmental conference rooms in ASI Building (501C and 504). A reservation sheet is posted on the door of the conference room at the Chemical Ecology Lab.