Departmental Awards

Several awards are available to graduate students in our program. Recipients of these awards are selected by the department's Awards Committee. Awards are presented from available funds to qualifying graduate students.
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This grant-in-aid is in memory of Lloyd Adams, deceased Professor Emeritus of Entomology Extension at Penn State. The purpose of this award is to attract worthy students enrolled or planning to enroll in economic entomology (M.S. and/or Ph.D.).

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This award is in memory of Michael Duke, an entomology undergraduate alumnus. The purpose of this fund is to honor and recognize outstanding academic achievement by a graduate or undergraduate student who is enrolled in our Department of Entomology.

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This Award is in memory of the son of a prominent mushroom industry family. It was established to recognize graduate students enrolled in the entomology graduate program who have achieved exemplary academic achievement and leadership qualities. Preference will be given to students who are associated with the mushroom industry or are members of a family whose primary business is associated with the mushroom industry, and who have exhibited exemplary achievement.

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This Award is named in honor of Ralph O. Mumma, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental Quality. The purpose of this award is to honor and recognize outstanding achievement by a graduate student at Penn State studying in the areas of Environmental Quality or Plant-Insect Interactions and associated with the Department of Entomology.

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This fund is in memory of William Yendol, deceased Professor of Entomology at Penn State. The purpose of this fund is to provide monies for graduate student travel for professional growth. The fund will provide graduate students support, with a maximum of one subsidized trip/year.

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To honor and recognize a graduate or undergraduate student who is enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University for their excellent presentation on entomology. Student presentations are anticipated to be made annually at a scientific meeting of a professional society or other venue.

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The purpose of this endowment is to encourage and support student attendance at degree-related training opportunities outside of the classroom, including seminars and conferences, by providing monies to pay for travel expenses and registration fees.