200 & 300 Level Courses

Course listings and information

ENT 202 Insect Connection  3 credits
An introduction to the diversity of insects and the ways in which they
interact with humans and impact our world.

ENT 222 Honey Bees and Humans 3 credits
This course explores the unique biology and behavior of bees, examining our
relationship with them through time and across cultures.

ENT 313 Introduction to Entomology 2 credits
Introduction to basic entomology, covering insect diversity, identification,
structure and function, and principles of management.

ENT 314 Management of Insect Pest of Ornamentals 1 credit
Diagnosis and management of insect pests on shrubs and trees in the landscape
or production nursery.

ENT 316 Field Crops Entomology 1 credit
Laboratory-based approach to identification and management of insect pests of
agronomic crops.

ENT 317 Turfgrass Insect Pest Management 3 credits
Introduction to entomology and management of insect pests of cool- and warm-
season turfgrass