Purchasing of Supplies

  • Please see your advisor regarding any need for purchases. After receiving approval, please consult Sherri Taylor or Marcia Kerschner for the appropriate method of purchase.
  • Any purchase made with the Penn State Purchasing Card (Visa) must have a Purchasing Card Support Form filled out with an itemized/signed receipt attached.
  • Please complete one form per transaction for any item(s) you have purchased and turn it in to Marcia Kerschner immediately.

On-the-Job Injury

All employees who are injured should be reporting a workplace injury to the Facilities and Safety Office. This includes any paid employee (student employee, wage-payroll, staff, faculty, etc.) There is to be no other staff member outside of the Facilities and Safety Office completing an Injury Report. This report is called the First Report of Injury (FROI). The FROI is the report that is filed to begin a workers compensation claim. This report is completed whether you will seek treatment or not.

If you feel the injury is serious, life threatening, or an emergency, you should seek treatment at the nearest emergency room or urgent care center. Some staff have inquired as to what would constitute this level of emergency. This is completely a judgement call; if you need some input, you can contact my office for advice. Otherwise, if it is an injury that you would seek emergency treatment at home, then you should do the same while at work.

If the injury does not require such emergency or urgent care, then you must first seek treatment at a Provider Panel.

If you are at University Park or another Campus, please see one of these panels:
Campus Panels

If you are at an Extension , then please see one of these panels:
Extension Panels

If you seek treatment at your own primary care physician or other type of provider (chiropractor, orthopedist, etc.) without first seeing one of the panel providers, it may not be covered by workers compensation.

The injury reporting process was centralized to the Facilities and Safety Office to better coordinate the collection of information, and track and trend key injury data.

Our office can also assist with other reporting types as well such as:

Reservation of Entomology Conference Rooms for University Activities

Reservations are made through the main office in 501 for departmental conference rooms in ASI Building (501C and 504). A reservation sheet is posted on the door of the conference room at the Chemical Ecology Lab.