Several awards are available to graduate students in our program. Recipients of these awards are selected by the department's Awards Committee. Awards are presented from available funds to qualifying graduate students.

Lloyd E. Adams Memorial Grant-in-Aid
This grant-in-aid is in memory of Lloyd Adams, deceased Professor Emeritus of Entomology Extension at Penn State.

Michael E. Duke Memorial Award
This award is in memory of Michael Duke, an entomology undergraduate alumnus.

Vartkes Miroyan Memorial Award
This Award is in memory of the son of a prominent mushroom industry family.

Ralph O. Mumma Graduate Award
This Award is named in honor of Ralph O. Mumma, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental Quality.

William Yendol Memorial Research Fund
This fund is in memory of William Yendol, deceased Professor of Entomology at Penn State.

Paul R. Heller Memorial Award

Dr. Zane Smilowitz Endowment for Student Excellence