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My research interests center around identifying the underlying mechanisms in plant and insect interactions, specifically, the relationship between the tobacco bud worm and its host plant, tobacco. I work in two labs and have access to everything I need to do my research, including dissecting scopes, fractioning machine, growth chambers, etc. The research environment here is excellent and the students are very supportive.

My research interests are insect plant interactions, Integrated Pest Management, Extension, and Outreach. Currently, I am working on understanding natural enemies interactions and its role with plant chemistry and control methods in greenhouses and high tunnels.

My research interest is in the integrated pest management system, specifically in the tree fruit system which involves considerable field research. My main interests are the population dynamics aspects, field modeling, phenology modeling. I appreciate the collegial, open environment, and the ease of broad range collaboration opportunities, including disciplinary collaborations across the department, as well as at the university level. There is strong support for research, including funds for traveling to meetings for presentations. The support and rapport among students is very strong. It's a great place to be.

My research focuses on the immune responses of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) larvae to the baculovirus that infects them, LdMNPV. Using a variety of techniques, I am studying the cellular and humoral immune responses of the larvae to the virus and infected host tissues.