Over 100 models were entered in this year's Great Insect Fair. Models were constructed at home and judged at the Insect Fair by three Penn State entomologists.


1st: Sean Golder
2nd: Evan Winchell
3rd: Samuel Bentz

First Grade

1st: Winter Martin
2nd: Bryn Miller
3rd: Claire Miller

Second Grade

1st: Jonathan Winchell
2nd: Sutton Thompson
3rd: Nick Matthews

Third Grade

1st: Trey Crowley
2nd: Celia Graef
3rd: Amoa Salaam

Fourth Grade

1st: Lara Roe
2nd: Timothy Crowley
3rd: Zach Martin

Fifth Grade

1st: Megan Graupensperger
2nd: Caleb McClelland
3rd: Isaiah Bentz

Sixth Grade

1st: Lance Langensiepen
2nd: Brandon Myers

Outreach Programs and Activities Coordinator

Codey Mathis
  • Ph.D. Candidate