A number of links and documents that may be of use to current graduate students. If you have any recommendations, please contact one of the EGSA officers.

Useful outside links

  • Insects of Cedar Creek: Pictures of MN insects, mainly identified to species, from many families and orders. Useful for learning families and identifying insects.
  • BugGuide: "An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information."
Entomology Student "Handy Book"

PDF document, 686.6 KB

A compilation of advice from Entomology graduate students

Graduate Student Association Guide to Graduate Life

PDF document, 2.6 MB

Document from GSA with comprehensive information about being a graduate student at Penn State

Crafting Social Ties

PDF document, 171.9 KB

An article by Carolyn Trietsch about how fellow entomology graduate students get together to make insect-inspired crafts and socialize.

Snack Cabinet Stocking Guide

Microsoft Word Document, 27.5 KB

Directions from ASI to CEL (and Merkle/Gypsy Moth Lab)

JPEG image, 205.5 KB

A Google map to get from the Agricultural Science & Industries building to the Chemical Ecology Lab.

State College Housing

This document aims to provide a little information about potential housing options in State College.

Frost Museum Program Guide

Microsoft Word Document, 38.0 KB

Critter care instructions

Microsoft Word Document, 20.6 MB