The Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program (PA IPM) is a collaboration between the PA Department of Agriculture and the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. The mission of this program is to promote effective pest management that results in the efficient protection of our food, fiber, health, home and industrial resources in a manner that is profitable, safe and environmentally compatible.

Photo credit: Gobogre

Photo credit: Gobogre

In order to maintain inter-institutional collaboration, management and staffing is distributed between Penn State University and the PA Department of Agriculture. There are two coordinators that manage the program, one at the PA Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division, the other at Penn State's Department of Entomology.

Stakeholder Interaction
PA MIP is informed by several stakeholder groups. We have an IPM Statewide Advisory Committee made up of members representing Pennsylvania government agencies, industries, and non-governmental organizations. The committee meets regularly to address IPM issues, policies and programs.

In addition to interactions with other committees, PA IPM often communicates directly with client groups throughout the state. Likewise, PA IPM is linked with regional, federal, and international IPM bodies.

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