Our mission is to promote effective IPM practices

Image credit: Geralt

Image credit: Geralt

Our Mission

The mission of the PA IPM Program is to promote effective pest management that results in the efficient protection of our food, fiber, health, home, and industrial resources in a manner that is profitable, safe, environmentally compatible, and sustainable. This mission will be accomplished by supporting research to develop and/or improve IPM programs through public education, education of IPM practitioners, and implementation of IPM programs. In support of this mission, specific goals of the program are:

Community Interaction

  • Develop and maintain an on-going, cooperative, interactive relationship with IPM stakeholders
  • Coordinate pest management programs across government agencies, the university and the private sector
  • Promote and support privatization of IPM services
  • Utilize IPM principles to protect surface and ground water quality in Pennsylvania
  • Promote the integration of IPM principles into a holistic approach to farm management
  • Act as liaison to legislative and regulatory bodies

Education and Implementation

  • Support the field testing, evaluation, and promotion of new IPM technologies
  • Establish education and certification standards for IPM practitioners
  • Develop and maintain continuing education programs in IPM for practitioners
  • Promote an increase of implementation funding

Government Issues

  • Reconcile conflicting government program goals
  • Modify regulations to promote IPM tactics
  • Utilize cross-compliance systems for regulatory or government programs
  • Promote the modification of crop insurance to encourage IPM practices
  • Facilitate the development of resident IPM education programs for Pennsylvania colleges, universities, and secondary and primary schools
  • Produce informative and educational IPM materials in a variety of media
  • Develop the IPM components of certification programs such as Certified Crop Adviser and Pesticide Applicator Training
  • Develop outreach programs for the general public

Program Scope 

PA IPM has the challenge of addressing pests (insects, diseases, weeds, animals, etc) in all environments in Pennsylvania, from natural ecosystems through urban landscapes. Our program has expanded in the areas of school IPM, community IPM (urban communities), greenhouse IPM, and agricultural IPM. We also provide information for green industry professionals, public health sectors, homeowners and home gardeners, and parks and forest managers.

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