Department of Entomology

The Department of Entomology in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences offers and undergraduate minor and one of the top entomology graduate programs in the country.

Entomology News and Announcements

Doug Sponsler Talks about the Risk of Pesticides to Honey Bees and Ecotoxicology
December 7, 2017
Listen in as we go over pesticide’s effects on pollinators, the difficulties in testing, and the advantages certain insects have in fighting pesticides.
Bed Bug Prevention Method Developed In Pennsylvania Seeing Positive Results
December 6, 2017
Move over stink bugs, bed bugs are back in the prime pest spotlight. They actually never went away, but instead have continued to grow as an issue for anyone who lays their head down at night to sleep.
Ways to protect against bugs from coming in on Christmas trees
November 29, 2017
Each year nationwide, families bring trees into their homes hoping to bring some Christmas joy and cheer, but what some people don't know is that they might be bringing in some unwanted house guests.
Penn State Department of Entomology offers insect identification services
November 29, 2017
With more than a million different species of insects in the world, it is no wonder that bugs "bug" us.
Researchers Develop App to Alert Farmers of Crop Diseases
November 27, 2017
A grant to refine a mobile application (app) that will use artificial intelligence to detect crop diseases and the alert farmers on the diagnosis has been secured.