Penn State, Freiburg offer virtual course on pest and pollinator management

In February 2020, as part of a mutual effort to enhance a strategic partnership between the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg and Penn State that dates back to 1998, the two universities announced the selection of two joint proposals for novel online classroom projects.

Grant supports study of how carnivorous plants repurpose genes to digest prey

A Penn State researcher has received funding to examine the genetic mechanisms that enable carnivorous plants to repurpose defense proteins to digest their insect prey.

Don’t kill that large mosquito: It’s just a crane fly looking for sex

They won’t bite you, but crane flies — which look like large mosquitos — are out in full force, reportedly covering a putting green at a Pittsburgh area golf course and maybe cavorting in your backyard.

2020/2021 Science to Practice Grants recipients announced

Ten integrated research and extension teams were awarded grants of up to $10,000. These grants support the formation and development of teams proposing to explore innovative methods, structures, and projects that foster the translation of research into outputs for dissemination and implementation.

Designated 'no-mow' turf grass areas provide environmental, economic benefits

University Park campus practice has resulted in reduced carbon dioxide emissions and overall mowing costs, while providing stormwater protection and habitats for local wildlife

Spotted Lanternfly Reports Up 147%, PA Department of Agriculture Says

Temperatures might have dropped across the Lehigh Valley, but reports of the Spotted Lanternfly are reaching a new high.

What eats spotted lanternflies?

Penn State researchers have launched a search for native wildlife that kills and eats the non-native spotted lanternfly, which has spread to at least 26 counties in Pennsylvania.

Squash Spotted Lanternflies today for future food security

Following months of hyper-focus on the availability of food, Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding was joined by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Dean Richard Roush and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Executive Director for Field Operations Carlos Martinez at Cherry Hill Orchards, where they urged Pennsylvanians to act now against the Spotted Lanternfly for the sake of food security.

Dinniman: New findings in lanternfly research

Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences hosted a research tour which reported new Spotted Lanternfly findings, said state Sen. Andy Dinniman, D-19th, of West Whiteland.

Diversity Statements in Entomology: What, Why, and How

Academic institutions constantly interact with and serve the changing demographics of our increasingly globalized and multicultural world.

Researchers hear more crickets and katydids 'singing in the suburbs'

The songs that crickets and katydids sing at night to attract mates can help in monitoring and mapping their populations, according to Penn State researchers, whose study of Orthoptera species in central Pennsylvania also shed light on these insects' habitat preferences.

Bug of the Month - October 2020

Bug of the Month is a student–run monthly post which highlights the diversity of insects found in Pennsylvania.

Spider-Naming Contest: We Have a Winner!

Entomologist Kirsten Pearsons, who received her doctorate in entomology in August from Pennsylvania State University, submitted the winning name, “kawtak.”

Can Scientists Stop the Plague of the Spotted Lanternfly?

Every day the nurseryman rises and prays and walks the rows of his trees.

Lanternfly insecticide showing promise

Experts are saying this has been the worst year for the spotted lanternfly, which among other things can decimate crops.

Insect Predators Can Be a No-Till Farmer’s Best Friend

Pesticides can wipe out insects that can in turn wipe out a field of corn in a matter of days.

The Stink Bug Invasion Is Coming and Here's What You Need to Know

While the fall brings changing leaves, apple picking, and cooler weather, the changing season also brings out one major nuisance that so many of us try to keep from our minds in the summer months: stink bugs.

Deadly beauty: Lawmakers unite at Va La Vineyards to shine light on local decimation caused by spotted lanternfly

Friend or foe? As wise people often warn, never trust a book by its cover.

Fall webworm nests spotted in Pennsylvania

No, not the eastern tent caterpillars. Those make their nests in the spring in the area where branches meet together or connect with the tree trunk.

Plant scientist gets $1 million grant to boost organic production, conservation

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture has awarded a researcher in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences a $1 million grant for his investigation of intensifying organic grain production while balancing production and conservation goals.

2020 Penn State Postdoctoral Society awards

The Penn State Postdoc Society is pleased to announce Dr. Karen C. Poh as the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Postdoc Award.

Study at Penn State to examine potential for birds to eat spotted lanternfly

Do birds find the spotted lanternfly to be a tasty treat or a nauseating nibble? That is one of the questions researchers at Penn State hope to answer, and they are seeking citizen scientists, especially bird watchers, to help in their quest for knowledge.

Rats in rowhouses, opossums in bottles: Philly exterminators see booming biz as trash sits

Michelle Niedermeier, Penn State’s community and environmental health program coordinator at the Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management office in Philadelphia, said there are various reasons why people have been seeing more pests lately.

More dengue fever and less malaria – mosquito control strategies may need to shift as Africa heats up

As it becomes too warm for comfort, the Anopheles mosquitoes that transmit malaria may lose the battle against climate change in Africa. But a new foe is on the horizon.

Insect Biodiversity Center to promote insect conservation, healthy ecosystems

A newly launched center at Penn State will create a focal point for the study and conservation of insects and the ecosystems with which they interact.

Bug of the Month - September 2020

Bug of the Month is a student–run monthly post which highlights the diversity of insects found in Pennsylvania.

Spotted lanternflies encroach on Weatherly area

The Hazleton area has been hearing about spotted lanternflies invading portions of the state for years, but only recently have they made an appearance locally.

Spotted lanternfly reports surge statewide with confirmed cases in Allegheny County

In just seven months, reports of the invasive and grotesque spotted lanternfly jumped 147% statewide. Confirmed cases in Allegheny County are creeping up in Swissvale, Avalon and some Pittsburgh neighborhoods, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Spotted lanternflies have infested the region and researchers are hard at work trying to control their spread

Spotted lanternflies landed on my hat, my face and every other available surface of my body on August 5, at The Woodlands in West Philadelphia. I was there tagging along with a team of Penn State researchers on a mission to collect 3,000 of the bugs that morning.

Here's how you can protect yourself from ticks

Did you know that Pennsylvania is ranked No. 1 in the nation for Lyme disease cases?