Department of Entomology

The Department of Entomology in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences offers and undergraduate minor and one of the top entomology graduate programs in the country.

Entomology News and Announcements

Penn Staters working to reverse bee declines
May 23, 2019
Within the past decade, beekeepers across the globe have observed massive declines in managed honey bee populations. Similar declines have been observed in populations of wild bees and other pollinators. Understanding what is driving these declines is a vital question for researchers, beekeepers, growers, and the public. Several factors are being investigated, including habitat loss, climate change, disease and pesticide use.
New crop-destroying pest enters China amid devastating swine fever epidemic
May 23, 2019
A new pest that threatens key agricultural commodities is spreading through China as the nation is reeling from an African swine fever epidemic that may wipe out hundreds of millions of hogs.
Student Research Spotlight - Rachel McLaughlin
May 20, 2019
This is the 7th of eight short news articles written by students, during the professional development class, about each other's research.
Protecting pollinators: Penn Staters working to reverse bee population declines
May 17, 2019
Penn State’s Christina Grozinger and the Center for Pollinator Research are implementing creative approaches to protecting bee populations in Pennsylvania and beyond.
What if bees disappeared?
May 17, 2019
In the United States, honey bees and wild bees contribute $20 billion each to agriculture and industries that depend on agriculture, meaning that fewer bees could lead to smaller harvests and increased food prices.