Department of Entomology

The Department of Entomology in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences offers and undergraduate minor and one of the top entomology graduate programs in the country.

Entomology News and Announcements

Bug of the Month - April 2020
April 1, 2020
Bug of the Month is a student–run monthly post which highlights the diversity of insects found in Pennsylvania.
Blossoms get a boost from the blues
March 17, 2020
Researcher shows blue orchard bees improve fruit set in Washington cherries and pears.
'Sustainable intensification' of cropping systems good for farmers, environment
March 16, 2020
By diversifying their crop rotations to create conditions that promote beneficial, predatory insects to combat pests, farmers can reduce their reliance on insecticides to control early-season crop pests, such as caterpillars, and still produce competitive yields of corn and soybeans.
Safe pest management in schools and childcare facilities is focus of manual
March 11, 2020
Like all living things, pests need food, water and shelter to survive, and childcare and school buildings provide an abundant supply of each, much to the dismay of administrators, teachers, staff, parents and children.
Spotted lanternfly battle heating up for 2020
March 5, 2020
At events like the Pennsylvania Farm Show and programs by Penn State Extension, among the hand-out materials this year is a business card-sized rectangle of plastic imprinted with photos of the spotted lanternfly and egg masses of the insects and instructions on using the too to scrape the egg masses from surfaces like trees, rocks and patio furniture.