My involvement with S-plus software development ended in 2002 because of the superior capabilities, documentation, and packaging utilities of R. As of 2003, I no longer maintain any S-plus resources.

Don't know R?

The NCF package contains a set of function for spatial correlation and cross-correlation. It includes the nonparametric covariance and cross-covariance functions, the spline correlogram, the mantel test and related.

The NLTS (previously nlt) library contains a set of functions for (non)linear time series analysis. The emphasis is on order estimation through cross-validation.

Both packages are as of 2009 served directly from CRAN

To install the ncf or nlt package from within R use the 'install package' menu or paste at the prompt:

> install.packages("ncf")

> install.packages("nlts")

last updated March 12, 2009