K. Wilson, O.N. Bjørnstad, A.P. Dobson, S. Merler, G. Poglayen, S.E. Randolph, A.F. Read and A. Skorping (2001) Chapter 2: Heterogeneities in macroparasite infections -- patterns and processes

Pages 6-44 in P. J. Hudson, A. Rizzoli, B.T. Grenfell, H. Heesterbeek and A. P. Dobson, editors. (2001) The Ecology of Wildlife Diseases


Animals vary markedly in the number of parasites they harbour - most have just a few, but some have many. In this chapter, we ask why there is so much variation between individuals, how do we quantify this variation and what are the consequences of these heterogeneities for the dynamics of the host-parasite interaction?