Research Centers

Our research centers represent a collaboration of students and faculty working to solve real-world problems with partners in academia from across the University, the nation, and the world. In addition, several faculty are members of the University-wide institutes.

In 2005, Penn State researchers and facilities united as a center of excellence to promote collaborative research and graduate education in chemical and molecular ecology.

Our work involves evolutionary biology, ecology, parasitology, microbiology, genetics, and immunology.

The Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State is committed to developing and implementing integrative, multidisciplinary approaches to improving pollinator health, conservation, and management for ecosystems services through research, education, outreach and policy.

FREC is located in the southern part of the state (apple country) and specializes in insect, disease, and plant research with fruit trees and grapes.

The network provides access to dynamic information useful for managing insects in sweet corn and other vegetable crops. Data providers create a human infrastructure for powering mapped representations of field-collected data. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey supply data from blacklight traps. Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine supply data from pheromone traps.