Posted: September 24, 2020

FieldWatch® is a voluntary online program designed to help pesticide applicators view potentially sensitive crops and beehives in their area so they can make informed decisions when preparing to make an application.

Developed by Purdue University and other agricultural stakeholders in 2009, this program is now used in 22 states and one Canadian province. In Pennsylvania, the program is being offered as a collaboration between Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. 

Commercial specialty crop growers, commercial and hobbyist beekeepers, and applicators can go to the FieldWatch® website, which contains several mapping tools: DriftWatch® for specialty crop growers, BeeCheck® for beekeepers, and FieldCheck® for applicators. Users can register for the appropriate tool(s). Growers and beekeepers can then mark the location of their fields and/or hives on a highly accurate mapping tool. This will allow applicators to view the location and details of specialty crops and beehives near their application sites. 

We have seen a significant number of people sign up in the last year since FieldWatch became available in PA! This can be a very helpful tool, so please check out and use this valuable resource. We strongly encourage specialty crop growers and beekeepers to map their sites, and applicators to look at the map before applying pesticides.

This program receives funding through industry sponsors and is free to use, though users do have the option of becoming supporting members by paying an annual membership fee. 

Go to for more information and to register!

Please note that the FieldWatch® program is completely voluntary and does not provide a basis for any regulatory or legal action. Growers, beekeepers, and applicators are not required to use FieldWatch® and applicators are permitted to apply whichever pesticides they choose as long as they are following the label and complying with all state and federal laws.