Posted: August 22, 2023

The INSSECT NET Careers Symposium provides a fun and engaging online platform for undergraduate students to learn about how graduate school can lead to a rewarding and well-paying career in a STEM field.

Our mission is to showcase the diversity of careers that are available to recent Penn State Entomology and Ecology graduates by introducing you to some of our PSU alums. Our alumni will talk about how graduate school allowed them to pursue their career and answer any questions you might have about the graduate student experience. We will also introduce you to Penn State's Summer Research Opportunities Program, where you can get paid to come to Penn State and work in a STEM lab as part of a 10-week research internship!

The symposium for 2023 was on Friday, March 31 from 9:00 - 1:30 PM EDT. More information about this year's symposium, the topics and agenda, and the speakers can be found on the INSSECT NET Careers Symposium website.

Talks from 2023's symposium can be found in the Insect Biodiversity Center video archive:

Information about INSSECT NET

Through a planning grant awarded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Equitable Pathways to STEM Graduate Education in December 2022, we are excited to leverage current research partnerships that Insect Biodiversity Center & Penn State Entomology faculty share with collaborators at Central State University, Chowan University, and University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

More information about the INSSECT NET grant project.