Posted: March 30, 2020

Greetings from the Beescape Team!

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We have exciting news regarding a new tool on Beescape!

Using data provided by the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association winter survival survey, we tested which factors (landscape quality, topography or weather) were most associated with winter bee survival rates. We found that growing degree days over the growing season were most associated with survival. Too long and warm a season, or too cool and short a season, and bees did not survive as well.

Using this information, we created the BeeWinterWise tool! Using this tool, you can click on your location (or any location) and see the survival prediction for colonies at the chosen location. Naturally, the prediction will change throughout the year so check back regularly to see updated maps! Right now, you can see the prediction for survival through April 2020, and then the system will reset as the new growing season starts (soon!). You can also see the predictions for previous years.

Right now, the tool only works for Pennsylvania, since that is where we have the data! PLEASE be sure to fill out the November and April annual surveys in Beescape to help us improve the tool, and to expand it to other states. As we all know, the weather changes a great deal from year to year, so as more information comes in, we can improve this tool.

The analysis that we used to develop this tool was generated by a collaboration between Penn State and USDA-ARS.

As always, feel free to contact us at with any questions, comments or concerns -- including assistance with filling out your Beescape surveys. We always love hearing from you.


The Beescape Team