Posted: August 12, 2021

Come and check out the new exhibit, developed and curated by PSU graduate student Chauncy Hinshaw and Pasto Agricultural Museum Curator Rita Graef

Center for Pollinator Research graduate student fellow Chauncy Hinshaw recently teamed up with the curator of the Pasto Agricultural Museum, Rita Graef, to produce an exhibit about the history of beekeeping in Pennsylvania. The exhibit emphasizes important events in beekeeping history, such as the development of the Langstroth hive by Pennsylvania's own Lorenzo Langstroth! Pennsylvania has highly engaged beekeeping, farming, and research communities committed to finding best practices to ensure the health of both pollinators and crops. The exhibit uses beekeeping artifacts to explain the development of current technologies and provides a space to showcase some of the current research being conducted by Penn State's Center for Pollinator Research. Stop by the exhibit to learn about the honey harvesting process, recognize the diversity of bees in Pennsylvania, and how to support local bee populations.

Admission to the Pasto Agricultural Museum is free, and it is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10AM - 2PM (March to December only).  The museum is also open by appointment and for special events and programs (check the events page for more). Pictured photos were taken by Rita Graef.