Posted: March 28, 2022

Bee and pollinator conservation enthusiasts are invited to participate in a USDA-funded workshop for the National Native Bee Monitoring Research Coordination Network (RCN). A series of virtual workshops will be offered from 2021-2024, at which ideas and perspectives from the professional bee monitoring community will be collected to inform strategies for national native bee monitoring practices. We will synthesize discussions and presentations from these workshops into a national native bee monitoring plan.

This workshop is co-organized by Elaine Evans of the University of Minnesota, Rufus Isaacs of Michigan State University, Sarina Jepsen of the Xerces Society, Margarita López-Uribe of Penn State University, and Andony Melathopoulos of Oregon State University, and will focus on the capacity of Cooperative Extension and community science to participate in national native bee monitoring efforts. More details about RCN workshops can be found on our website (

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form: Bee Monitoring RCN Workshop on Cooperative Extension and community science

To prepare for the workshop, this form has a few questions in addition to the preregistration information. These questions will take less than 5 minutes to answer.

Lastly, please distribute this invitation widely to anyone who may be interested in attending. We are eager to connect with the Cooperative Extension network.