Sulav Paudel

  • PhD Candidate
Sulav Paudel
525 ASI Bldg
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-4641


  1. PhD Candidate, Dual Degree Title in Entomology and International Agriculture & Development(INTAD)
  2. M.S. Dual Degree in Entomology & International Agriculture & Development (2013), Penn State University

Interests: Climate change and Insect-Plant Interactions,   Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and Global Food Security & International Development

Advisers: Dr. Ed. Rajotte & Dr. Gary Felton


Paudel. S, LP Sah, K Pradhan, LA Colavito, BP Upadhyay, EG Rajotte, R Muniappan, 2016. Development and dissemination of Vegetable IPM Practices and Packages in Nepal. Integrated Pest Management of Tropical Vegetable Crops. Springer Publication, Pg 251-269

Strapasson P, DM Zevallos, S Paudel, EG Rajotte, GW Felton, PHG Zarbin, 2014. Enhancing plant resistance at the seed stage: low concentrations of methyl jasmonate reduce the performance of the leaf miner Tuta absoluta but do not alter the behavior of its predator Chrysoperla externa. Journal of Chemical Ecology Pg 1-9 

Paudel. S, EG Rajotte, GW Felton, 2014. Benefits and costs of tomato seed treatment with plant defense elicitors for insect resistance. Arthropods Plant Interactions.

Paudel. S,Gill, EG Rajotte, 2013. Agriculture education and training (AET)system in Nepal: Present status, challenges, and future priorities. Available at

Gyawali. BK, Colavito. LA, Paudel. S, 2012, Development of non-chemical IPM Package for cucumber in Lalitpur district of Nepal. Proceedings of the 10th NationalOutreach Workshop, Pg. 276-280