Shelby Fleischer, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Entomology
Shelby Fleischer, Ph.D.
518 Ag Sciences & Industries Building
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-863-7788

Areas of Expertise

  • Insect population dynamics
  • IPM


  1. B.S., St. Mary's College, Maryland, 1977
  2. M.S., Virginia Tech 1982
  3. Ph.D., Auburn University, 1987

Department Focus Area

Ecological Applications

Research Interests

Insect ecology and management in agroecosystems


Integrated pest management in vegetables.

Research Activities & Interests

I am interested in the structure, dynamics, and management of insect populations. Resulting sampling plans have been adopted in alfalfa, hardwood forests, and leafy greens in the Caribbean; regional monitoring programs have been developed for diversified vegetable farms. Students have mapped insect density in alfalfa, potatoes, tomatoes, vineyards, and within protected structures. Research also develops management options based on an understanding of biological and ecological processes. Priority is placed on economically feasible technologies that improve farm-worker and environmental safety. Current work is looking at biological controls, transgenic crops, and regional monitoring networks.

Extension Activities & Interests

My Extension assignment is in vegetable pest management. The Extension education program works with county-based staff at sites accessible to clientele. Yearly, I contribute to the Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations guide for Pennsylvania, and to a regional multi-state web-GIS presentation of pests of sweet corn.

Relevant Publications

Erin D. Treanore, Anthony D. Vaudo, Christina M. Grozinger, Shelby J. Fleischer. Examining the nutritional value and effects of different floral resources in pumpkin agroecosystems on Bombus impatiens worker physiology. Apidologie (2019). (pdf)

Michael J. Skvarla, Shelby Fleischer. 2018. First Report of the Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle, Microtheca ochroloma Stål, 1860 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), in Pennsylvania. The Coleopterists Bulletin 72(4), (1 December 2018). (pdf)

D.C. Roberts, S.J. Fleischer, J.M. Sakamoto and J.L. Rasgon. 2018. Potential biological control of Erwinia tracheiphila by internal alimentary canal interactions in Acalymma vittatum with Pseudomonas fluorescens. Journal of Applied Microbiology ISSN 1364-5072 (pdf)

Lawrence E. Barringer, Shelby J. Fleischer, Dana Roberts, Sven-Erik Spichiger, and Timothy Elkner3. 2018. The First North American Record of the Allium Leafminer. Journal of Integrated Pest Management. doi: 10.1093/jipm/pmx034 (pdf)

Anne L. Nielsen, Shi Chen and Shelby J. Fleischer, 2017, Corrigendum: Coupling Developmental Physiology, Photoperiod, and Temperature to Model Phenology and Dynamics of an Invasive Heteropteran, Halyomorpha halys, Frontiers in Physiology, doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00568 (pdf)

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Research Interests

Ecological Applications

Insect ecology and management in vegetable agroecosystems (Sweetcorn Monitoring Program)

Pollinator Biology, Health and Ecology

Insect ecology and management in vegetable agroecosystems

Integrated Pest Management
International Research