Larry Hull, Ph.D.

Larry Hull, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emeritus of Entomology



  • B.S., Mount St. Mary's College, 1972
  • Ph.D., Penn State University, 1977

Graduate Students

Eric Bohnenblust
Neelendra Joshi

Department Focus Areas

Ecological Applications

Research Interests

Biology and management of arthropod pests and natural enemies on deciduous tree fruit crops; pesticide resistance management; pheromone mating disruption; evaluation of insecticides/acaricides/biologicals.


Implementation of integrated pest management programs for deciduous tree fruit programs; control strategies and tactics for deciduous tree fruit pests.

Research Activities & Interests

Research programs include understanding, monitoring, and managing resistance in various pests of apples; evaluating alternative non-pesticidal management tactics for fruit pests including ground cover management and pheromone mating disruption; evaluating natural enemies as biological control agents; studying the influence of insect/mite damage on fruit tree productivity; developing sampling schemes for monitoring both pest and natural enemy populations; and evaluating experimental and registered insecticides and acaricides for inclusion in fruit integrated pest management programs.

Extension Activities & Interests

Extension programs include developing expert systems for grower use; implementing integrated pest management programs for deciduous tree fruits; and providing information and recommendations for the control of deciduous tree fruit pests.

Relevant Publications

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