E. Alan Cameron, Ph.D.

E. Alan Cameron, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emeritus of Entomology
501 Ag Sciences & Industries Building
University Park, PA 16802

Home Phone: 814-237-9531

Dr. Cameron, a Board Certified Entomologist, retired 31 December 2000 after over 30 years on the faculty. For 18 years prior to retirement, he served as University Marshal, and continues to serve as University Nomenclator. His primary teaching and research area was forest pest management, but he also conducted research in behavior, biocontrol, chemical ecology, ecology, and pest management. Major contributions were made in understanding the behavior of the gypsy moth and the limits on the use of its synthetic pheromone, disparlure; spray technology, including field testing of new products and formulations for forest pest management; and pear thrips biology and the consequences of its attack on sugar maple forests. His program supported a number of graduate students and post-doctoral research associates.

Cameron has contributed over 150 entomological publications, including co-editing Diagnosing Injury to Eastern Forest Trees, for which he received a USDA Certificate of Appreciation (1987). He received a second USDA certificate (1994) for his contributions to gypsy moth research at the USDA-ARS European Biological Control Laboratory in Montpellier, France. Other significant recognitions include the Eastern Branch's L.O. Howard Distinguished Achievement Award (2000) and its Herbert T. Streu Meritorious Service Award (1996), and an International Organization for Biological Control Certificate of Appreciation (1996) for co-chairing the committee that established BioControl. He was a 20-year member of the Speakers' Bureau of the American Chemical Society.

For the Entomological Society of America, he served as Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Entomology from 2001 - 2018. Cameron chaired the Special Committee on Publications that initiated the movement to electronic publication; he also served on the Ortman Committee (1991-92) that undertook a complete revision of the ESA Constitution and Bylaws, and was a long time Parliamentarian for the Society. He served as secretary, vice chair, and chair (1996-99) of Section C. A founding member of The Entomological Foundation, he served on the ESA Governing Board (1988-91) and Executive (1990-91) and Finance (1991-93, 1994-97) Committees among others. He also served on and chaired numerous Eastern Branch committees, and was Branch President (1987-88).

Cameron was named an Honorary Member of the ESA in 2001.

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