Beth McGraw

  • Professor and Huck Scholar in Entomology
Beth McGraw
W251 Millennium Science Complex
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-865-1740


  1. Postdoc, University of Queensland 2001
  2. Postdoc, Yale Medical School 1998-2001
  3. Ph.D. Biology, Pennsylvania State University 1998
  4. B.S. Biology, University of Michigan 1993

Connect with Elizabeth A McGraw, PhD
Twitter @McGrawLab

Detailed information about research interests, publications and current lab members can be found at our website.

Areas of research interest
Vector biology
Host:pathogen evolution
Insect endosymbionts

My research group studies the genetic basis of mosquito vector:pathogen:endosymbiont interactions.  Specifically, we are interested in how genetic diversity and coevolutionary forces in these three partners affect transmission of arboviruses.  We use quantitative genetic, experimental evolution, genomic and molecular biology approaches.  

Selected publications
Audsley, MD, Selezenv, A, Joubert, DA, Woolfit, M, O’Neill, SL and McGraw EA. Wolbachia infection alters the relative abundance of resident bacteria an adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, but not larvae. in press Mol Ecol

Terradas G, Joubert, DA, McGraw EA. 2017. Wolbachia-mediated blocking of dengue virus in mosquito cells is due in part to the action of the RNAi pathway. Sci Rep 7:43847.

Ye, YH, Chenoweth, SF, Carrasco, AM, Allen, SF, Frentiu, FD, van den Hurk, AF, Beebe, NW, McGraw, EA. 2016. Evolutionary potential of the extrinsic incubation period of dengue virus in Aedes aegypti. Evolution 70:2459-2469.

Ye, YH, Carrasco, AM, Frentiu, FD, Chenoweth, SF, Beebe, NW, van den Hurk, AF, Simmons, CP, McGraw, EA. 2015. Wolbachia reduces the transmission potential of dengue-infected Aedes aegypti. PLoS Neglect Trop Dis 9:e0003894.

Lambrechts, L, Ferguson, NM, Harris, E, Holmes, EC, McGraw, EA, O’Neill, SL, Ooi, EE, Ritchie, SA, Ryan, PA, Scott, TW, Simmons, CP, Weaver, SC. 2015. Pragmatically assessing the efficacy of Wolbachia deployments for dengue biocontrol. Lancet Infect Dis 15:862-866.

Ferguson, NM, Kien, DTH, Clapham, H, Aguas, R, Trung, VT, Bich, TN, Popovici, J, Ryan, PA, O’Neill, SL, McGraw, EA, Long, VT, Dui, LT, Nguyen, HL, Chau, NV, Simmons, CP. 2015. Modeling the impact on virus transmission of Wolbachia-mediated blocking of dengue virus infection of Aedes aegypti. Sci Trans Med 7:279ra37.

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Ye YH, Chenoweth SF, McGraw EA, 2009. Effective but costly, evolved mechanisms of defense against a virulent opportunistic pathogen in Drosophila melanogaster. PloS Pathog 5:e1000385