The Center for Pollinator Research conducts innovative research that informs pollinator management and conservation by diverse stakeholder groups.

Use the links below to access information about pollinators and how to support them.

Pollinators 101

What is a pollinator and why do we need them?

Disappearing Pollinators

Evidence for and causes of pollinator declines

What Can I Do?

Habitat destruction (and the consequent loss of floral and nesting resources) along with chemical use are major contributors to ongoing declines in pollinator populations. You can help reverse this troubling trend by planting a pollinator garden and limiting chemical use on your property.

Pennsylvania’s Pollinators

Learn more about how to support and promote Pennsylvania’s pollinators by referencing the Pennsylvania Pollinator Protection Plan.

Resources for Beekeepers

If you’re just getting started with beekeeping or you’re a beekeeping expert, check out these online resources to get up-to-date information on honey bee husbandry and to participate in an ongoing national survey!

Resources for K-12 Classrooms

Pollinators provide an outstanding framework that can be used to explore many core classroom subjects, including ecology, physiology, behavior, mathematical modeling and evolution. Pollinators are ubiquitous and can be found in almost any rural, suburban or urban landscape. This makes the study of their behaviors and nutritional needs fully accessible, regardless of where you live or go to school.

Citizen Science

Citizen science occurs when members of the public voluntarily participate in the scientific process in their communities, helping scientists to address real-world, current problems and overcome them with rigorous and robust datasets.

Resources for Growers

The Center for Pollinator Research is committed to developing crop-specific best management practices guidelines for "Integrated Pollinator and Pest Management" (IPPM).

Landscaping for Pollinators

From small scale backyard gardens to large scale highway rights-of-way landscaping

Pollinator-Friendly Solar

“Combining renewable energy production with pollinator-friendly habitats is a win-win-win for the environment, pollinators, and humans.” - CPR Member Dr. Harland Patch

Educational Opportunities and Family Events

Penn State and Centre County offer unique, hands-on opportunities to learn about pollinators and the fascinating lives of insects. See what’s happening in your neighborhood!

Pollinator Media