Have you ever wished you could identify all those plants and trees in your field sites? Here’s the course you’ve been waiting for!

Join a team of instructors for five intensive days in mid-August to become familiar with the local flora. By the end of this graduate level class you'll be able to recognize the species you encounter most frequently. You will also learn the basics of working through botanical keys to identify unknown specimens. Bring your hiking boots...we can't learn all of this in a classroom!

CLASS DATES: August 11, 12, 13, 16, 17 ; exam August 18

COURSE STRUCTURE: At least half of each day will be spent in the field. The remainder of the time will be in the laboratory, learning to use dissecting scopes and technical keys to identify plants.

CREDITS: 1, with option of another credit upon completion of an independent project due in December. Credit will be listed as Fall 2010.

Andy Cole, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Carl Keener, Professor Emeritus of Biology and former curator of the PSU Herbarium
Dave Mortensen, Professor of Applied and Weed Ecology
Andrea Nord, Doctoral candidate, Ecology IGDP

For more information, contact Dave Mortensen, dam37@psu.edu
or Andrea Nord, ann102@psu.edu

Note: Please register by June 11, 2010.
This will give us opportunity to make the necessary logistical arrangements.