Chemical Ecology Lab

The Chemical Ecology Lab is located on Orchard Road near the main campus. Four faculty members have offices and labs at this location along with several postdocs and graduate students. A new greenhouse facility was recently added to the lab, providing space for research projects in a high-tech, state-of-the-art greenhouse environment. Additional greenhouse facilities and the Gypsy Moth Research Center are also located in this area.

The Chemical Ecology Lab, home of the Huck Institutes for Life Sciences Chemical Ecology Program, is located on Orchard Road, northeast of main campus. The Chemical Ecology Lab currently houses office and laboratory facilities for three faculty members, several postdocs, graduate students, and staff. Recently, the building was remodeled and a state-of-the-art greenhouse was added to the east side of the building.

Dr. Tom Baker focuses his research on insect pheromones and odor-mediated behavior, neuroethological studies of olfaction, identification and development of insect attractants for IPM systems, and development of olfaction-based biosensors.

Dr. Jim Tumlinson is involved in research as a chemist interested in biological and agricultural systems and has studied chemicals that affect insect behavior. Emphasis is on developing fundamental knowledge and principles that can be applied in environmentally safe pest management programs.