About ICE10

Penn State University's Center for Chemical Ecology offered a summer course in Insect Chemical Ecology called ICE 10 that was conducted on the Penn State campus June 1st through June 15th of 2010. The course featured guest lectures by, and discussions with, chemical ecology experts from around the world.


ICE 10 is a continuation of the highly successful ICE short course series that has been taught at the Swedish Agricultural University at Alnarp every other year, in 2005, 2007 and 2009. Now it is coming to North America for the first time, and the Center for Chemical Ecology at Penn State is delighted to be hosting it.


In the evenings, students had small group discussion sessions with the day's speakers. There was a field trip to fruit orchards in southern Pennsylvania to see applied uses of semiochemicals in the real world. Also, there was a hands-on laboratory experience with techniques in semiochemicals research.